Chevrolet Beat Diesel vs Rivals: Competition Check!

The Chevrolet Beat Diesel is exploring new grounds in small-displacement-small-size diesel hatchbacks, but it has a bunch of rivals to hurdle over if it wants to get the buyers' attention

Chevrolet Beat Diesel: Rs 4.3 lakh – 5.45 lakh





The nippy lil car has received a diesel heart, and the combination has made for a car that is not just cool and fun, but also ultra-sensible. The three-pot diesel is an all-new offering, made in-house by GM, as opposed to the other rivals in this segment that are either running adaptations of earlier diesel designs, or borrowing their engine designs from other carmakers. And the difference shows quite easily. Don’t read too deep into the numbers – power and torque figures do seem on the lower side, but that’s only on paper. On the road, the Beat Diesel has great driveability and barely perceptible turbo lag. Light and easy steering manners and a fair suspension make for a good package.


The coming together of a small, convenient car with looks that set it apart, great driveability, compact size and a stunning value-for-money proposition, the Beat is perfectly placed to ruffle feathers all round, much to the delight of diesel lovers.


Ford Figo Duratorq: Rs 4.6 lakh – 5.57 lakh





The Ford Figo can be credited with bringing diesel power to the people, at a great price point. The values of the car still stand true, and for buyers on a budget it still offers a great proposition especially if space is a priority. The Figo definitely trumps the Beat in terms of space, and also gives the feel of a more solid car. Driving dynamics are more sorted too, and the car has a better balance between ride quality and comfort compared to the Beat diesel. That being said, it does not look half as radical and the interiors don’t quite come together to impress, unlike the Beat.


The Figo diesel remains the first car that the Beat will need to get past, but the cool and chic looks along with the Rs 30,000 savings will help carry it through.


Maruti Suzuki Ritz: Rs 4.85 lakh – 5.4 lakh





The Swift’s cousin built for the family has for long been the trusty and reliable choice for diesel buyers. The proven Fiat-licensed 1.3-litre diesel engine works like a charm on the Ritz, and the Swift’s platform and allied parts work very well in conjunction with the rest of the car. One of the downsides though is the absence of airbags even in the fully-loaded variant. Space at the rear is at a premium when compared to the remaining competition like the Figo and the Indica Vista, but is pretty comparable to that on the Beat. The 1.3-litre diesel also has more gumption than the Beat’s smaller 1.0-litre mill, but both cars remains eminently driveable around town, and staying frugal while doing it.


Overall, the Chevrolet Beat has an edge over the Ritz in terms of pricing – as long as the Maruti badge is not the be all and end all of car buying for you.


Indica Vista Quadrajet: Rs 4.77 lakh – 5.92 lakh




One of the most underrated cars in the segment also remains one of the best value-for-money deal in the diesel hatchback space. Massive space, high fuel efficiency, good driveability and a comfortable ride quality make the Indica Vista one of the most sensible cars around. The fit and finish is not as high as on the rivals though, and the Vista does not feel like a high-quality car like the Beat. While we quite like the looks of the Vista, it still has an old-school hangover especially when compared to the space-tech exterior and interior design of the Beat.


The choice between the Beat and the Indica Vista is one between freshness and practicality. Not to say that the Beat is not a practical car – with a Rs 40,000 price difference between similarly specced models, it takes an edge with price too.

Recommended Variant : Beat 1.2 LT

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