Kia Carens vs Seltos: Which One Is Faster And More Frugal?

Well, you know the drill for this test. Strap on the VBoxes, head to the test location, and give it the beans


The Kia Carens and Seltos are two cars with similar pricing. They are based on a similar platform, share the same engine options, and even have almost identical features. But this report is all about their real-world performance, and so the question we’ll be answering is – which one is faster and more frugal? 

To find that out, we bring in the 1.4-litre turbo-petrol trims, paired with a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Safe to say, this powertrain offers the sportiest driving experience behind the wheel. 

Acceleration Test 





9.61 seconds

9.51 seconds

20-80kmph (Kickdown Mode)

6.67 seconds

5.47 seconds 


In the 0-100kmph run, the Seltos managed to beat the Carens by a whisker. That’s primarily because the Seltos allowed us to launch harder, unlike the Carens, which has a more laidback response before the power is put down.  

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The difference in engine tuning is more evident in the 20-80kmph roll-on acceleration, where the Seltos clearly beats the Carens by a comfortable 1.2 seconds. Once again, the Carens is a family mover and has a slightly more leisurely tune than the Seltos. In the real world though, performance is never lacking and you can do three-digit speeds all day long. 

Fuel Efficiency Test





Not Tested 






The Kia Carens’s slightly laidback engine tuning helps it deliver slightly better fuel efficiency on the highway. We couldn’t test the MPV in city confines, so we’ll update this space and compare it with the Seltos once we have the numbers. 





Ex-showroom Price

Rs 9.6 lakh to Rs 17.7 lakh

Rs 10.19 lakh to Rs 18.45 lakh


The Kia Seltos is the quicker car here and that doesn’t come at the expense of fuel efficiency. So if you want a car with a nice and sporty driving experience, we would recommend the Seltos. But if you don’t mind a slightly laidback nature with a nice comfy ride, then the Carens comes across as a sensible choice.

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