Vodafone McLaren Mercedes declares winners of their 'money can't buy' contests

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes organised a press conference in Delhi for an interaction with Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton and to declare the winners of their F1 Contests. The interaction needless to say was an insightful one into the world of Formula One. The two driver's also gave their opinions on the Buddh International Circuit.

The crowd at the conference was waiting eagerly to see the drivers, the bouncers were in place to hold back the ones that were a little over eager to see two of the foremost racing drivers of the era. As soon as Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton came onto stage the host bombarded them with a host of questions about a Formula One Driver’s life. Both drivers did mention that they have a very intensive fitness regime and an equally strict diet. A Formula One driver is near about as fit as a human being can get as the high cornering forces combined with the loss of body fluids to perspiration pushes the human body to the limit. 

The Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Driver’s were also asked about their time off from Formula One and what they like to do in their spare time. 

Both Lewis and Jenson mentioned that they get about three weeks off after a season, there are another two weeks when the McLaren Mercedes factory is closed and there are other vacations scattered around the calendar. 

Jenson mentioned that he got a little confused during his vacations as there is so much to do while testing and developing the car and all of a sudden he has nothing to do. 

Lewis on the other hand said that as soon as he got a vacation he could just switch off, kickback and relax. 

At the conference the ‘Vodafone Race to Fame’ contest winners were announced. Each one of them got a chance to ask the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Drivers one question. 

The first question was about how they were setting up the car for the track? 

Both the driver’s replied diplomatically that as is the case they have to set up their car differently for different tracks. Jenson also mentioned that they will be trying out the new front wing for their car which they intend to use next season. 

The second question was about what Jenson and Lewis thought about the Indian public’s response to the Formula One Motorsport.

Lewis mentioned that he had been to India before and knew that India was a cricket crazy nation. The country loves sports and that he was amazed at how much Indians knew about Formula One. Lewis thinks Indians will really find a soft spot for the motor sport in their hearts. 

When asked about their favourite racing circuit, both drivers could hardly hold their words.

Jenson and Lewis came out with the exact same answers for their favourite track and which they chose as Suzuka, they also mentioned that they thought the Spa circuit was very special and rated the Monaco Street Circuit as the craziest of them all.

Both drivers were also asked if they had ever got a Formula One car for personal use.

The reply to which came instantly from Hamilton, he said that sometimes they did get a chance. Recently on the Silverstone circuit they had finished testing and he was called back to the pits. Hamilton chose not to go back in and after about ten laps of driving for the sheer joy of it he was called back to the pits. 

The last question was directed at the Buddh Circuit.

Jenson and Lewis both talked about the Buddh International Circuit and were all praises for it. They mentioned that the track had the best of both worlds with high speed corners and low speed corners where we can definitely see a lot of overtaking action. 

The winner of the ‘Vodafone Drive into the Big League’ contest was announced. The winner Mr. Shiv Agarwal got a once in a lifetime opportunity to have the logo of his company on the 2011, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula One car. Shiv Agarwal is the CEO of ABC Consultants, which is an online recruitment outsourcing portal. Mr. Agarwal needless to say was overwhelmed to meet Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton and have them unveil their car on stage with the logo of his company on it.  The logo of ABC Consultants is placed just behind where the driver’s helmet is when he is in the car. 

 Both Jenson and Lewis congratulated Mr. Agarwal and mentioned that it was one of the most expensive places to place a logo on a Formula One car.

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes has gone a long way to capture the minds and hearts of Indians with their contests, needless to say that their two star drivers and the McLaren Mercedes time with all its heritage already has a huge fan following in India and with the arrival of the Formula One motorsport in India that fan following will only get bigger. 

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