The Future Of Audi’s RS Division Looks Electric

Audi Sport, the maker of RS cars, is contemplating EVs, mild and plug-in hybrids that focus on performance.

  • Recently unveiled RS 6 and RS 7 use a 48V mild hybrid system for maximum efficiency.
  • Forthcoming RS models will have all-electric drive modes.
  • Taycan-based 4-door E-Tron GT is also on track and expected to debut in 2020.

Various manufacturers are embracing the inevitable electric future and putting it to good use by extracting maximum performance while also cutting down emissions. Audi Sport, Audi’s performance wing responsible for RS cars and the R8, has now confirmed its plans for the future which includes electrification on a huge scale.

Oliver Hoffmann, Managing Director of Audi Sport GmbH, revealed the brand’s direction for the coming days in a media interaction at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show. According to him, “Electrification is the foundation of Audi Sport."

According to Hoffmann, plug-in hybrid models that can drive on pure electricity for short distances are next on the agenda. Electrified RS models can thereby cut down the emissions and substitute more power when needed. Specific timeline for the models were not revealed but plug-in versions of the A7 and A8 are expected to debut in 2020. We can also expect a 4-door E-Tron GT, which will be heavily based on the Porsche Taycan. The all-electric sedan will make its debut by the second half of 2020 at the earliest.

Audi is planning to broaden its appeal by electrifying its cars. So look out for even faster RS models with hybrid tech to back performance and stay green. Meanwhile Audi had also showcased the 770PS all-electric AI:Race concept and a lunar rover lookalike AI:trail concept that uses drones instead of conventional headlights.

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