New Kymco SuperNEX Patent Reveals Multiple Variants

The new patent images show a wide, single-piece handlebar instead of clip-ons

  • The SuperNEX concept could spawn a naked as well as a sports tourer.
  • Apart from the handlebars, the rest of the motorcycle appears to be unchanged.
  • Expect Kymco to unveil the variants at this year’s EICMA show in Milan, Italy.

Taiwanese brand Kymco unveiled an electric concept superbike called the SuperNEX at the 2018 EICMA show in Milan, Italy. Now, new patent images of the electric bike have surfaced online, giving us a hint of what’s in store for the future. Interestingly, the bike shown in the patent image comes with a wide, single-piece handlebar instead of the clip-on units shown in the concept. Apart from the handlebars, the fairing design appears to be unchanged.

The positioning of the handlebars doesn’t make engineering sense, though. That’s because the levers on the handlebars are awfully close to the windshield and it would certainly impede the bike’s turning capability.

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New Kymco SuperNEX Patent Reveals Multiple Variants


That said, the images lead us to believe that there could be multiple variations based on the electric supersport. One could be a naked while the other could be a sports tourer. Consequently, these bikes will have a lot more relaxed ergonomics compared to the supersport. We believe Kymco might showcase these variants at this year’s EICMA.

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The SuperNEX concept boasted of some impressive figures when it was showcased last year. Kymco claimed that it was capable of sprinting from a standstill to 100kmph in a staggering 2.9 seconds! Nought to 200kmph? 7.5 seconds! It also said that the bike would be capable of touching 250kmph in just 10.9 seconds! It also featured KYMCO Full Engagement Performance, an electronic system which prevents wheelies, offers traction on wet roads, and prevents rear-wheel liftoff while hard braking. Expect all these features to be present in the other variants as well.

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