BMW Teases Vision M Next Concept Ahead Of Unveil

Does this mean that M cars of the future will be electrified?


  • BMW will showcase the M Next concept in Munich between 25 to 27 June 2019.
  •  Powering the concept will most likely be an electric or hybrid heart.
  • The concept will be unveiled along with the 8 Series Gran Coupe.

BMW’S upcoming #NEXTgen event from 25 to 27 June 2019 will witness the reveal of the 8-Series Gran Coupe and the new Vision M Concept. BMW is looking forward to answer the question - “What does the new era of Sheer driving pleasure look like?” with the new concept, which will give us an idea of future M cars and their direction. The teased images are zoomed in and cropped in a strange way that interpreting details from them seems futile.

The images show the concept wearing shades of red, gray and black. The teased images indicate something similar to the roofline and pillars of the concept. The lower half of the body wears a black-red combination and we can partly see the wheel well also. Apart from that, the concept looks more like a coupe than a hatchback or a sedan.

BMW's Vision iNEXT, which showcases autonomous driving, will also be displayed alongside the Vision M Next. Electrification or hybridisation is definitely on the cards as BMW had earlier confirmed plans for M models with electric powertrains. How much electrification will make through is something that has to be seen.

The abstract photographic art was created by artist Thomas Demand, who picked out various details from the concept and represented them in the canvas. Do wait for the official announcement, where we will be back with more dope.

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