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You Can Make Your Highness A Meteor Or A Continental GT With These New Accessory Kits

The company has launched a total of six accessory kits for the Honda N’ness CB350 and the CB350RS under the new initiative ‘My CB, My Way’

Honda Hness CB350 CB350RS Accessory Kits Launched

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Honda’s 350cc range, including the H’ness CB350 and the CB350RS, has immense potential for customisation, just like Royal Enfield 350cc bikes. Finally, the Japanese brand has introduced accessory kits for the two motorcycles. There are six kits in total - four for the H’ness CB350 and two for the CB350RS. Here’s what the kits are all about:

H’ness CB350 Kits

Tourer Custom and Comfort Custom:

Honda Hness CB350 Tourer Kit

If you intend to munch miles on your H’ness, Honda has got just the right kit for you: Tourer Custom. It comes with a windshield, plastic knuckle guards, fork gaiters, a chromed out crash guard, along with a small bracing at the downtube. The motorcycle gets flatter rider’s footpegs, and split seats - just like the ones in the Anniversary Edition. However, the rider’s seat gets better cushioning, and there’s a luggage rack at the back and a pair of saddle stays as well. That said, Honda doesn’t provide branded saddlebags yet. This kit is priced at Rs 17,600. 

The Comfort Custom kit includes all the goodies from the Tourer Custom kit; additionally, it features a cushioned pillion backrest for extra convenience. It retails at Rs 16,500. 

Cafe Racer And Solo Rider Custom:

Honda H'ness CB350 Cafe Racer Solo Kits

The cafe racer kit gives the H’ness CB350 a properly sporty look, thanks to the solo seat with a cowl at the rear, and a colour-coded headlight fairing. Additionally, it gets sporty stripes on the fuel tank, along with brushed metal bar-ends, fork gaiters and aluminium belly pan (both borrowed from the CB350RS). That said, the cafe racer kit does not alter the riding ergonomics, and the handlebar remains the same, easy-to-reach single-piece unit. It costs Rs 22,200, making it the most expensive kit in the lineup. Do note that this kit makes the H’ness strictly for solo riders.

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As the name suggests, the Solo Rider Custom kit is for those who are lone wolves. It gets a metal luggage rack instead of the pillion seat along with a flyscreen, fork gaiters, chromed out crash guards and the small bracing at the downtube. Honda has priced this kit at Rs 16,200. Do note that all the H'ness CB350 kits except for the Comfort Custom kit feature chrome embellishment on the side panels. 

CB350RS Kits:

Cafe Racer And SUV Custom:

Honda CB350RS Accessory Kits

Unlike the Cafe Racer Custom kit in the H’ness CB350, the one in the CB350RS comes with the stock single-piece seat, and the pillion section gets a removable cowl. Other bits, including the headlight cowl, are similar to the one in the H’ness CB350’s Cafe Racer Custom kit, and it costs Rs 17,500. 

Making the CB350RS a bit more rugged-looking is the SUV Custom kit. It includes rim stickers, flyscreen, knuckle guards, saddle stays, and costs Rs 7,500--making it the most affordable kit. 


Honda Hness CB350 Cafe Racer Kit

Our pick would be the Comfort Custom kit as it offers all the essentials for touring as well as pillion comfort, while being slightly more affordable than the Tourer Custom kit. While the cafe racer kit is a good attempt, Honda should’ve given the option of the solo seat with cowl setup in the CB350RS instead. 

More importantly, the kit should’ve also included a pair of raised clip-on handlebars for an authentic cafe racer experience. However, Honda says its target customers want the practicality of the stock bike along with the looks of a cafe racer. For what it offers, the cafe racer kit on the H’ness CB350 could’ve been more affordable as well. Another grinch is that the bracing at the downtube is pretty pointless as it does not serve any function, and Honda should've just given a proper bash plate instead. Honda will offer these kits at Big Wing dealerships pan-India, and they will be available by the end of March.

For perspective, the H’ness CB350 costs Rs 2,00,386 for the base DLX variant, Rs 2,05,386 for the DLX Pro version, and Rs 2,07,886 for the Anniversary Edition. On the other hand, the CB350RS costs Rs 2,05,386, and Rs 2,06,015 for the monotone and dualtone variants, respectively. All prices are ex-showroom, Delhi.

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