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This Chinese V-twin Supersport Is Supercharged!!

The Benda VTR 300 which was first showcased in 2020 has now gotten an interesting overhaul

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In recent times Chinese bikemakers have come up with some radical offerings, but Benda has an even bigger ace up its sleeve with a V-twin, supercharged 300cc supersport. Yes, you heard that right, Benda is making a small bike which is set to be supercharged.

Recent patent drawings have revealed that the long awaited turbo bike project by Benda, the VTR 300, will be getting a compressor instead of a turbo, making it supercharged. 

Benda’s current 298cc V-twin mill makes 30PS. So, a supercharged version of the V-twin should make anywhere north of 50PS, as the older turbocharged project was rumored to belt out 50PS.

The information on this crazy project is still scarce. However, we expect more details to come up soon and till then, think about how cool it would be to see a sub-500cc supercharged bike. At present only Kawasaki has a supercharged bike in its portfolio, the Kawasaki Ninja H2.

Apart from that, Benda is all set to make its debut in India with the launch of its big cruisers, including the LFC 700. Head here for more details.

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