Husqvarna Vektorr Spotted Up Close

It’s the same test mule that was seen testing back in November, but with a minor tweak


Back in late November 2021, the Husqvarna Vektorr e-scooter was spotted alongside a bunch of Bajaj Chetaks. Now, the Husqy e-scooter has been spotted testing again near Pune, this time with a minor tweak. 

It features the same voluptuous bodywork (the Vektorr gets a rather edgy side profile) wrapped in camouflage. But the hideous tail section that we saw on the previous test mule has now been replaced with a more sophisticated rear fender. 

The flat front profile, digital instrument cluster, split seat, grab rail, hub-mounted motor, all seem to remain untouched. Moreover, back in May, Husqvarna claimed that the Vektorr offers a maximum speed of 45kmph and a range of 95km. We hope that the numbers are better than that. 

All in all, with the KTM-Bajaj partnership, we could very well expect the Husqvarna Vektorr to be introduced in India. However, there’s a possibility that Bajaj could also introduce an update for the Chetak

Image Credit: oggy_f


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