CONFIRMED: The Tata Avinya Electric Concept Will Become A Reality By 2025

The carmaker aims to have more than 70 percent of the concept carry over to the production model

 Tata Avinya Concept Front 3/4

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  • Will debut Tata’s Generation 3 dedicated EV architecture.

  • Avinya EV to be 4.3 metres in length with 200mm of ground clearance, but have the cabin proportions of a 4.6-4.7 metre model like the Harrier.

  • Production-spec Avinya is unlikely to get 22-inch wheels and butterfly doors.

  • Electric powertrain will be capable of offering over 500km range.

When Tata Motors unleashed the Avinya electric concept it boasted a clean yet radical design, claiming to have all the juicy bits of a crossover, a premium hatch and an MPV. Considering this radical design, surely it would be unlikely for such a concept to hit production, right? Well, think again, as the carmaker dropped a bombshell, confirming the Avinya will go into production after all. It’ll debut Tata’s Gen3 architecture that’s dedicated to EV models.

Shailesh Chandra, MD, Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles, confirmed this, stating, “Absolutely. When I say 2025, the intention is to deliver this concept. There will be changes as it is going through the phases of engineering confirmation and feasibility.” 

Tata Avinya Side View 

We also got some tidbits about what to expect from the Avinya in production as well as future Tata Gen3 EVs as the carmaker aims on maximising cabin space from the exterior proportions. For the Avinya, the carmaker is aiming to have a 4.3-metre-long model, with the cabin space along the lines of a 4.6-4.7 metre model, hence the MPV quotient.

Tata Avinya Driver Cockpit

Since the Avinya will become a reality, the question is how much of the concept will carry forward to the production model. Well, quite a lot according to the Tata Motors MD. When we asked whether 70 percent of the concept will be retained he stated, “Why would we like to bring it down to 70? We would like it to be as close as possible to this(concept).” That being said, don’t expect the likes of the 22-inch wheels or suicide doors to make it to the production-spec Avinya. Currently, the EV ``is not as close to maturity as seen with the Curvv.”

Tata Avinya Front Pixel Panel

If that wasn’t enough of a confirmation, Martin Ulharik, Head of Global Design at Tata Motors, also confirmed this, stating, “Our intention is to put this on the road and my challenge is to get as much of this on the road as possible. So this is the design philosophy and actually this is the product we're already working on. We have been working on it for the better part of 8 months, both as a concept and as a production car. But, reality is, it will take till 2025 to get something this ambitious on the road.” He also added that the Avinya will sit quite high off the ground, with a ground clearance of 200mm. 

Tata Avinya Suicide Doors

While technical details are still scarce, we know that the Avinya will offer more than 500km of range. Also, the battery will support ultra-fast charging using which one can add a minimum 500 kms of range in under 30 minutes. The wheels being positioned to the extreme ends of the body is possible thanks to the carmaker's new skateboard EV architecture which allows for design freedom that isn’t possible in the case of an ICE model. 

Tata Avinya Rear View

There’s still some way to go before we see the Avinya in production form, but this confirmation by Tata Motors is a pleasant surprise to say the least. But before that, we’ll be seeing the production-spec Curvv by 2024 as an electric model first before offering an ICE option. The carmaker will also launch two new EVs based on current ICE cars before these two models arrive. 


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