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Q. What will be the running cost compared to petrol - Ridge?
  • Do your Maths well. The monthly saving by difference of cost of running on petrol Vs battery assuming an average of 50km per day ( more daily running average means more savings ) at mileage of 40 kmpl ( notmal mileage is much more than this ) comes to approx Rs 2000. so Annually you save 24000. Min Battery Life of 2 yrs ( assuming poorly maintained bike though normL life is 3yrs - 3.5yrs ) gives you Rs.48000 saving . Battery would cost 25000 after 2 yrs as Li Battery costs are reducing due to tech advancement. Therefore, you Save rather than losing .
  • More than petrol one, when we add the replacement cost of batteries.Forget electric bike .... They are meaningless worthless and waste of money. My Practical experience in wrost
  • Lot off
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Q. I want Okinawa Ridge charger. How can I buy that?
  • For that, we'd suggest you to please visit the nearest authorized service center of Okinawa scooters as they would be able to assist you with the exact price and availability of the charger. Follow the link and select your city accordingly for service centers.
Q. What is the seating capacity of Okinawa Ridge?
  • Okinawa Ridge is capable of easily carrying the weight of two average sized riders. It is powered by a 800 watt brushless DC motor backed by a 60V/24Ah VRLA Battery which is good for 80-90km range.
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Q. How much cost of replacement of okinawa praise battery after 2 years - Ridge?
  • Iam using Okinawa ridge electric bike and it's battery runned for 9000kms only, while purchasing show room they explained that battery gives 30000 kms but they cheated me now battery (led acid) cost is 14500rs warranty is 6month only n lithium ion battery cost is 32000 1yr warranty, so don't waste your money on electric bike, it expensive than petrol cost, so think twice or thrice before purchase of electric bike.
  • Batteries will work only one year... I used it... exactly one year they will adjust your batteries... they(batteries) cost much ... 6k one battery,total 6 batteries
  • @ Nidheesh, he is talking about Lithium Batteries only.
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Q. Does it require a license or registration to ride the scooter - Ridge?
  • Yes asper 2019 new rto rules all EVs including 30km speed limit requires license.Ridge 30 max speed 30kmphRidge and ridge plus had max speed 55kmph
  • Sir please all Okinawa secoter price send. Or pumplate
  • R K30 model doesn't need lisence
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Q. Life of battery and cost - Ridge?
  • 5years life as projected by company, 3years warranty on battery provided. Replacement cost could be 30k
  • 12months
  • 2 years
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