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Q. Does Hero NYX bikes cone with lithium ferro phosphate batteries ? What are the bikes that come with such batteries ? What is the difference between lithium ion and lithium ferro phosphate batteries in terms of cost and performance ?
  • Hero Electric Nyx comes equipped with 28AH lithium-ion battery. Moreover, Lithium-ion has a higher energy density at 150/200 Wh/kg in comparison to lithium iron phosphate at 90/120 Wh/kg. The discharge rate for lithium iron phosphate outmatches lithium-ion. At 25C, lithium iron phosphate batteries have voltage discharges that are excellent when at higher temperatures. These are some bikes that are equipped with Lithium Iron Ferro Phosphate batteries: Hero Lectro Kinza, GetBest Little Flyer R1, Hero Lectro Impact 6T, etc.
Q. Is Okinawa Ridge available?
  • For the availability, we would suggest you please connect with the nearest authorized dealership in your city as it depends on their stock book. Follow the link and select your desired city for dealership.
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Q. How much cost of replacement of okinawa praise battery after 2 years - Ridge?
  • I using Okinawa praisa last one year I'm purchased in maduai after 14 month lead acid battery was rundown I'm asking to replace the battery but the company told battery was not supply by Okinawa company so you convert in lithium ion battery and cost minimum rs45000 abow so please don't purches la battery scooter now waste my money about rs 80000 and also Okinawa company is not support the customer, they telling simply to convert li battery but I am running 12000km now I'm very suffering what can I do?
  • Iam using Okinawa ridge electric bike and it's battery runned for 9000kms only, while purchasing show room they explained that battery gives 30000 kms but they cheated me now battery (led acid) cost is 14500rs warranty is 6month only n lithium ion battery cost is 32000 1yr warranty, so don't waste your money on electric bike, it expensive than petrol cost, so think twice or thrice before purchase of electric bike.
  • In my counrtry it is advisable not to go for electric vehicle as there is no justice for the gullible consumer as the manufacturers either buy the judges and other monitoring agency officers or there is no judicial system which can punish these cheaters.i paid 86000 for my okinava praise and in just 1.5 years it has failed and no amount of pressure is helping to get relief so i can confirm to you that i have been robbed.
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Q. Does it require a license or registration to ride the scooter - Ridge?
  • Yes asper 2019 new rto rules all EVs including 30km speed limit requires license.Ridge 30 max speed 30kmphRidge and ridge plus had max speed 55kmph
  • Sir please all Okinawa secoter price send. Or pumplate
  • R K30 model doesn't need lisence
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Q. Life of battery and cost - Ridge?
  • 300 cycles. 2500 Rs to 3000 Rs one battery
  • 5years life as projected by company, 3years warranty on battery provided. Replacement cost could be 30k
  • 12months
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