Tyre Guide

Tyre Guide
Tyre maintenance
Tyre re-tread
Hot cure tyre re-tread
Re-treading a tyre is a cost-effective solution for...
Do it Yourself : Tubeless tyre puncture repair kit
Tubeless tyre puncture repair kit
Here's a quick fix solution to repairing a puncture on...
Tyre Maintenance
Tyre Maintenance
Just like a car requires regular check-ups and servicing,...
Choosing the right tyre
Run flat tyres
Run flat tyre
Dating back, run flat tyres were originally developed for...
High speed tyres
Performance tyre
Performance vehicles are recommended to be fitted with high...
Tyres for comfort
Comfort tyres
Why do tyres for luxury cars differ from those in regular...
Tyre terms
Wheel diameter and wheel radius
Wheel diameter
The wheel diameter is measured from lip to lip of a tyre,...
Tyre speed rating
High speed tyres
The speed rating for a tyre is represented by an alphabet...
Radial tyres
Radial Tyre
The use of radial tyres on automobiles is universal. But...
Low profile tyres
Low profile tyre
Shod on most sports cars, low profile tyres help improve...
Upsizing Tyres
Upsizing Tyres
Looking to upsize the tyres and wheels on your car? There...
Alloy Wheels
Alloy Wheels
Regular rims do the job of keeping the tyre of the car in...
Tyre Care
ZigWheels Tyre Guide: When to change your car's tyre
When to change your car
Changing a car's tyre may be the difference between a...
Reading a Tyre Sidewall
What do all those complicated numbers on your tyre sidewall...
Two Wheeler Tyre Guide
We give you a basic guide about when to replace your...