High speed tyres

Performance vehicles are recommended to be fitted with high performance tyres that can cope with more extreme conditions at high speeds. Read on to know more about high-speed tyres

Performance tyre

Tyres are constructed with a purpose designed to suit a particular vehicle type. This is done to help the vehicle go about its purpose with ease, bearing in mind the cost constraints of consumers. 

For example, a truck is recommended to be fitted with tyres that have a high load bearing capacity, while the speed rating is kept low as trucks are not meant to travel at very high speeds. If both high speed and high load carrying capacity is to be incorporated in truck tyres, it will make them unnecessarily expensive. 

Similarly, while technology may exist for companies to manufacture tyres with a speed rating of 300+ km/h, if these tyres are fit to an ordinary hatchback it would be of little use as the car would be incapable of travelling at such high speeds. Also, the cost of the vehicle would go up due to the expensive tyres. As a result, a vehicle is fitted with tyres that have a speed rating slightly higher than what the vehicle can achieve. 

High speed tyre

High speed tyres are recommended by vehicle manufactures on cars that can exceed a speed of 210 km/h. Cars under this category can range from hot hatchbacks to sports sedans, sports coupes, sports cars and hyper cars. 

Here is a chart denoting tyre speed ratings:

Code km/h code km/h
A1 5 L 120
A2 10 M 130
A3 15 N 140
A4 20 P 150
A5 25 Q 160
A6 30 R 170
A7 35 S 180
A8 40 T 190
B 50 U 200
C 60 H 210
D 65 V 240
E 70 Z Over 240
F 80 W 270
G 90 (W) Over 270
J 100 Y 300
K 110 (Y) Over 300

High speed tyres are made up of more durable and expensive materials and compounds that can resist high temperatures due to high-speed rolling resistance and deal with strong G forces under hard cornering. 

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