Radial tyres

The use of radial tyres on automobiles is universal. But what does radial mean?


Radial Tyre




The term radial signifies the type of tyre that features a radially arranged set of plies. The cord plies extend from lip to lip of the tyre at a 90-degree angle in relation to the direction of travel. This lowers the rolling resistance of the tyres and increases fuel economy compared to cross ply tyres. The radially arranged plies act like springs and absorb bumps to ensure a comfortable ride. The sidewalls are not as rigid as that of a cross ply tyre, which is why it sags slightly at the contact patch with the ground. Stabiliser belts beneath the tread along the direction of travel add strength to the tyre. These belts are made of steel (hence the term steel belted), polyester, twaron or kevlar to reinforce the tread region and optimise performance, fuel economy and steering response.

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