TVS Radeon: Long Term Fleet Introduction, 1000km Report

The Radeon is here to prove whether it’s a fuss-free, frugal commuter. Does it deliver its intended purpose?

Radeon RT 1245

TVS already has a pretty decent portfolio when it comes to fuel sippers (Victor 110, Star City+ and the likes) but they were lacking in something that’s instantly recognisable as a people-friendly commuter. That’s where the Radeon slots in, competing with the country’s current highest-selling two-wheeler, the Hero Splendor. We got the motorcycle from TVS in October, but due to hectic schedules, the motorcycle was actually used only from December, when I got my hands on the bike. My expectation was rather straightforward: it needs to be a pocket-friendly and hassle-free mode of transportation. After clocking almost 1000km I must say this motorcycle will keep you quite content as far as your point A to point B travel is concerned.

The first question that pops in the Radeon’s target audience’s mind is often “Kitni deti hai?” I use the Radeon mostly for office runs, which is a 12km (one-way) ride from home, with a little under 70 per cent of riding in the city and the rest on highways. I wanted to ride with a slightly heavy throttle, just to see how bad it could get in terms of efficiency. I pushed the Radeon to its limits on the 4km highway stretch enroute, with the needle hovering around 70kmph and often touching 80kmph. To my pleasant surprise, the bike returned an remarkable 60kmpl! You can effortlessly get more than 65kmpl if you ride with a sensitive wrist. So, with my riding style, I could easily cover over 550km if I fill the 10-litre fuel tank to the brim. That’s almost 23 days of just home-office-home commute.

Radeon RT 1072

One thing I noticed is that the Radeon has a very refined engine.The vibrations even at high speeds are well-controlled, and interestingly, its intensity stays almost the same despite the increase in speed. Thus, riding long distances at higher-than-average speeds on the highways is considerably less tiring. Moreover, the riding stance is also upright and the seat itself is well-cushioned. I once had to drop one of my colleagues home and it was then that I realised the seat is spacious enough for a co-passenger who’s on the heavier side. Even with the pillion, the motorcycle stayed commendably stable over bumps. Another interesting thing I noticed is that the footpeg position is just about right for stand-up riding, and the tank pads are pretty functional in helping you grip. This helped me glide over bad roads at slightly higher speeds rather effortlessly.

Radeon RT 1434

One annoying quirk of the Radeon is the optional side-stand indicator. The volume of the buzz is quite high and it switches on as soon as you turn the ignition key-slot. Now, the whole point of this feature is to inculcate the habit of retracting the side stand before you ride. It achieves exactly that, as I promptly take off the side stand as soon as I get on the bike to avoid the dreaded shrill. Functional, but I wish the sound wasn't as annoying.

Radeon grocery run

The only thing I sorely missed is the inclusion of a clock. This would’ve been a godsend as I had a tight schedule travelling from home to office, and then to house hunt after work. Also, if you’re hooking on a carry bag to the side hook, make sure the bag is small or the material is heat resistant. If the bag comes in contact with the silencer, it might melt the base of the bag.

The Radeon also features an Economy and Power indicator which simply works based on the throttle input and speed. It gives you a fair idea whether you’re riding efficiently or not. Next month, let’s see how efficient the motorcycle is when ridden in Eco mode most of the times.

Acquired month: October 2018

Acquired km: 850km

Km till date: 1814km


  • Refinement
  • Comfortable riding stance
  • Efficient engine


  • Annoying side-stand indicator
  • Weak brakes

Fuel Efficiency:


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