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TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS: Final Long Term Review

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  • Jun 1, 2015
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It’s time to say goodbye to the TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS. We tell you how good a companion it has been over time

TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS
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After reluctantly handing over the Scooty Zest to Kapil, I got my hands on another offering from TVS – the Apache RTR 180. Coming from one of the new age products from TVS, I have to admit my first impressions about the Apache RTR weren’t that great. The new headlight casing doesn’t blend well with the bike and then the riding position wasn’t exactly to my liking either. 

But after spending a little time on the saddle, the aversion towards the bike was gradually decreasing and I was starting to develop a taste for the Apache. For a motorcycle that costs about Rs 85,000 (ex-showroom Mumbai), the Apache RTR 180 is extremely well built. The quality of switch gear, alloys, and the overall fit and finish is exceptional. 

And then it comes pretty well equipped too. Features like Daytime Running Lights, a semi-digital instrument cluster and most importantly ABS, make the Apache a good value for money proposition. Talking about ABS, the Apache impressed with its braking proficiency. Jam the brakes and the bike doesn’t lose its line and a lot of that character is courtesy those nicely sticky 110/80 section tyres at the back.

Come to the engine and thing start to get a little confusing for the TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS. It has a strong mid-range that ensures that it is surprisingly quick to reach the 60kmph marker and if that isn’t enough to get you charged up, the acceleration is accompanied by a sweet bassy exhaust note. Thanks to the peppy engine, the Apache is quick to find its way out of traffic. But push the bike beyond the 85kmph marker and it isn’t all smooth sailing. You can feel the vibrations on the pegs, tank as well as the seat. And to make matters worse, the gearbox isn’t really smooth either. 

Sadly I have had the TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS with me for just about a month and it is now time to bid adieu to it. But I got to say, although the Apache isn’t the perfect motorcycle (not that there is one in the market), it has a lot of character that makes it absolutely blissful to ride.  

Date acquired: October 2014

Total km till date: 5,677km

Overall fuel efficiency: 42kmpl

Cheers: Build Quality, Brakes

Sneers: Engine vibrations, Notchy gearbox

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