Honda H’Ness CB350 Official Accessories Revealed

You can opt for a split seat, engine guard and panniers from the showroom floor itself

Honda has released a list of official accessories for its H’Ness CB350 motorcycle. The Classic 350 rival now gets up to nine accessories priced from Rs 309 to Rs 6,000. There are some great touring accessories in there like split seats and a pannier set. The Parani Bluetooth setup for your helmet makes more sense if you opt for the DLX Pro variant which comes with Bluetooth connectivity. Here is the complete list of accessories with their prices: 

H'Ness CB350 Accessories Prices
Tank Pad Rs 309
Side Stand Rs 375
Engine Lower Pipe Rs 465
Fork Gaiters Rs 581
Pannier Support A Rs 643
Pannier Support B Rs 697
Engine Guard Rs 1,234
Split Seat Kit (Black) Rs 3,705
Split Seat Kit (Brown) Rs 3,705
Pannier luggage system Rs 4,199
Parani M-10 Bluetooth Rs 6,000

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In addition to the new accessories, Highness customers can also opt for an extended warranty on the motorcycle. The CB350 comes with a standard 3-year/42,000km warranty. Customers can go for an extra 3-year/40,000km worth of extended warranty within three months of the purchase of the bike. After that, they can still opt for it but for an extra charge. The cut-off period for opting for extended warranty is one and a half years. So, you can have a 6-year/82,000km warranty if you pay an extra Rs 3,199 within the first three months of purchase. Here is the price list for the extended warranty: 

Validity 0-90 Days
  3+1 years 3+2 years 3+3 years
Additional Km 16,000km 28,000km 40,000km
Additional month 12 months 24 months 36 months
Price Rs 1,549 Rs 2,799 Rs 3,199
Validity 90-550 Days
  3+1 years 3+2 years 3+3 years
Additional Km 16,000km 28,000km 40,000km
Additional month 12 months 24 months 36 months
Price Rs 1,799 Rs 3,199 Rs 3,699

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Besides the extended warranty, you can also opt for one year Road Side assistance for Rs 1,499. This package covers all of India except Jammu and Kashmir and some eastern states. It includes free unlimited towing, free breakdown service that includes minor on road repairs as well as on site support for locating hospitals, hotels or taxis. It does not include free puncture repairs or fuel. So in essence, if you are stranded due to an empty tank, Honda will come to your rescue but you will have to pay for fuel. 


The Highness gets 3 free services. Here are the details of the 3 services. 

Free Service Km range
validity from date of sale
1st free service 750-1,000km 15-30 days
2nd free service 5,500-6,000km 165-180 days
3rd free service 11,500-12,000km 350-365 days

Honda has priced the H’Ness accessories well as they undercut its chief rival, the Classic 350’s accessories. For example, the Honda’s pannier and mounting set together will cost you Rs 5,539 while on the Classic 350, a pannier and mounting set together will set you back by Rs 7,100. While we have sampled the Classic accessories set on the Classic 350 and loved its quality, given Honda’s reputation for quality, we feel both will be evenly matched on fit, finish and quality levels.

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