This Modified Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Is The Perfect Retro Scrambler

  • Jun 12, 2024
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We recently came across a modified Royal Enfield Hunter 350, turned into a retro scrambler by Hardheads Motostudio. The bike has undergone a lot of changes and looks like a proper scrambler straight out of the 60s

Modified Royal Enfield Hunter 350

  • Hardheads Motostudio, a Mexican custom house had customised a Hunter 350
  • The bike has undergone only a few minor design changes
  •  Features a rerouted exhaust and new tyres that gives it a proper scrambler look
  • The design is so well executed that it makes the bike look like a real British scrambler from the 60s and 70s

Hardheads Motostudio, a Mexican custom house, has been modifying Royal Enfield bikes for a while and recently we came across a beautiful scrambler build they made using a Royal Enfield Hunter 350 called the ‘HH12’. The bike has undergone a couple of interesting changes that have made it look like a real scrambler from the 60s. Here are the highlights.

To turn the Hunter 350 into a scrambler, the guys at Hardheads have made a few changes to the bike’s design. When it comes to the design, the first thing that stands out is the new raised fender at the front which gives that off-roader look.

Modified Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Front

The headlight is the same but the turn indicators have been swapped out for custom ones. The new indicators are smaller and don't stick out, giving the front section a more subtle look. The stock handlebar has been replaced with a braced one, which should give the rider a more upright riding posture than the stock bike had offered. 

Coming to the tank, Hardheads has used the stock one but with a different paint scheme and graphics. The tank has received a dark green finish with pinstripe outlining and ‘Royal Enfield’ written in gold in the centre. The side panel on the bike’s left side now comes with the number 12 written on a white circle in a classic font, adding to that retro 60s look. 

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The seat on the bike is a custom one and it looks quite good, the brown colour goes quite well with the bike’s design overall. The tail section has also undergone a few subtle changes, and now comes with a custom tail light and the same turn indicators used on the front section, but tucked into the seat’s end.

Hunter 350 custom exhaust

Now, a Scrambler isn’t just about the design and looks but also functionality. To make this bike a proper scrambler that can take on the trails Hardheads has rerouted the exhaust setup on this build. The new exhaust setup goes through the right side through the side panel. 

There’s also a sharp and rugged-looking engine bash plate added in as well. The engine bash plate looks similar to the ones we have seen on dual-sport and ADV bikes. This is a good addition and many would agree that it looks even better than the one offered by Royal Enfield, which had a curvy design.

Custom hunter 350 tyres

Lastly, the stock tyres have been swapped out for larger block pattern ones which adds to that rugged look and also would make it easier for the bike to handle off-road riding.

Overall, this custom build is definitely one of the best scrambler builds based on the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 we have come across. What makes it so good is how Hardheads were able to make a beautiful scrambler with just small changes in terms of design.

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