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Kawasaki To Showcase The Eliminator At 2023 Osaka Motor Show

No, it’s not the 175cc Kawasaki-Bajaj cruiser we got in India but something more powerful!

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Kawasaki Thailand has teased three new bikes, including a cruiser, on its social media handles and stated it had something “special” for its fans. This has given rise to the possibility of the ‘Eliminator’ moniker making a comeback. I mean, it makes sense, doesn’t it?

Kawasaki currently has just one cruiser - Vulcan S 650, and Royal Enfield has gone for the Japanese bikemaker’s jugular with the Super Meteor 650. So, why not make a smaller, say 250–400cc cruiser which will take the fight back to the likes of Royal Enfield?

While there is no official source confirming the same, the name Eliminator is the most suitable candidate to bear the flag of Kawasaki’s small capacity cruisers today. As for their heart, Kawasaki has proven 250cc and 400cc twin-cylinder motors which should give the Eliminator sufficient oomph. But we hope the bikemaker will retune the engines to better fit the purpose, unlike what it did with the Versys-X 300, because an ADV with a peaky Ninja engine is like walking on eggshells with rollerblades on.

The Kawasaki Thailand post said it will showcase these bikes on March 22, 2023 but there’s a higher likelihood that Kawasaki will first unveil the motorcycle at the Osaka Motor Show in Japan that’s happening on March 17. What will it be? We’ll find out very, very soon!

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