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  • Q. Is It available in diesel version if yes then what is the price and specification - Yaris?
    Zigwheels | 1 year ago

    The diesel engine Toyota employs won't meet stricter emission norms that come into effect in 2020. It doesn't make sense to offer a diesel for a short time frame of ~ 1.5 years. Hence, the Yaris is petrol only for now.Also, Toyota believes that most midsize sedan buyers opt for petrol variants, and hence the Yaris is only a petrol-only model. However, there are countless buyers still looking to purchase a diesel even if they don’t have the running to justify the premium cost and servicing attached with oil-burners. That’s because diesel engines pack a punch when it comes to performance, and rivals like the Hyundai Verna, Skoda Rapid and the Volkswagen Vento do offer something to enthusiasts that the Yaris misses out on with its sedate petrol engine.

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  • Q. Which car will be better for self driving in city Verna or yaris petrol?
    Zigwheels | 1 year ago

    Toyota Yaris delivers 16.4 kmpl in city and 16.3 kmpl on highway whereas its immediate competitor Honda City and Hyundai Verna has the mileage figures of 11.2 kmpl and 12.17 kmpl (in city areas) respectively but if we see their highway fuel efficiency score then Hyundai Verna with 18.43 kmpl took over the Honda city having 16.55 kmpl of fuel economy and Toyota yaris. ZW says: If you'll be majorly driving in stop-and-go traffic and1need a sedan with basic features such air bags, power windows etc and ready to compromise with rear seat space1then you should opt for Toyota Yaris as these features are available in it from the base trim and is backed by1Toyota's strong reliability and after-sales services. On the other hand, if rear seat space and boot volume is1your priority then City will a good option for you as it gives the feel of luxury sedan and it is breathing in1the Indian market from quite a long time. On the other hand, you can also go for Verna if you want a good1handling/riding and better fuel efficiency on highways. Do take a test drive in order to judge your driving1comfort. Related Read - Toyota Yaris vs Honda City vs Hyundai Verna Petrol Automatic: Comparison Review :1 https://bit.ly/2xj6gNq

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  • Q. I want to purchase my first car and my requirements are Petrol & Automatic. I am confused between Amaze and Yaris. Amaze being cost effective and Yaris is solid. Kindly suggest the pros and cons of yaris, City mileage, highway mileage , ground clearance and overall feedback.
    Sol | 1 year ago

    I too was stuck between the Amaze and Yaris. Since Amaze is 3 lakh cheaper, this cost is really value for money and cannot be argued with. What I liked about the Yaris was that it had 7 airbags compared to 2 in Amaze and I plan to keep the car for at least 12 years, so I felt paying an extra 3 lakhs was worth it. Of course I didn't like the front of the new Amaze and I fell in love with the Yaris on first sight. Also the Yaris felt controlled at high speeds (120+) just like the Vento so that was a plus. City mileage that I get is 13.3 kmpl, driving a Yaris manual 30 km daily in Noida. Also the body build quality is very solid as told in my answer below.

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    More Frequently Asked Questions About Toyota Yaris

    Toyota Yaris Price & Variants FAQs

    Q. Is Toyota Yaris available through CSD canteen?
    A. Yes, Toyota Yaris is available through CSD canteen.
    Q. What are the automatic variants of Toyota Yaris?
    Toyota Yaris is available in 7 Automatic variants, out of which all are petrol. The base Automatic variant Yaris J Optional CVT starts at Rs. 9.46 lakh and the top-end Automatic variant Yaris VX CVT is priced at Rs. 14.18 lakh.
    Q. What are the manual variants of Toyota Yaris?
    Toyota Yaris is available in 7 Manual variants, out of which all are petrol. The base Manual variant Yaris J Optional starts at Rs. 8.76 lakh and the top-end Manual variant Yaris VX is priced at Rs. 12.96 lakh.
    Q. What are the top variants of Toyota Yaris?
    A. Toyota Yaris is available in 14 variants:
    J Optional : Rs. 8.76 lakh
    J : Rs. 9.40 lakh
    J Optional CVT : Rs. 9.46 lakh
    G Optional : Rs. 9.74 lakh
    J CVT : Rs. 10.10 lakh
    G : Rs. 10.55 lakh
    G Optional CVT : Rs. 10.94 lakh
    V : Rs. 11.74 lakh
    G CVT : Rs. 11.75 lakh
    V Optional : Rs. 12.08 lakh
    V CVT : Rs. 12.94 lakh
    VX : Rs. 12.96 lakh
    V Optional CVT : Rs. 13.28 lakh
    VX CVT : Rs. 14.18 lakh
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