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Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

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  • Q. Is the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 reliable?
    Pranav | 1 year ago

    Yes, it is. Highly reliable! Just keep it well serviced.Don't compare it with the other RE models. You can feel the Quality difference between those and the 650 twins. This bike comes with a bare minimum tech and reduces the complications associated with it making your life lot easier than running around the service centers for tech related issues as that can't be fixed in your parking. Also please avoid achieving top speed targets on this bike, this bike is not meant for top speeding like the Kawasaki or the KTMs. Its a practical bike and its range would be till 140 kmph, ofcourse it goes beyond that easily, but it's not it's comfort area and you would lose the torquey nature of the engine there. Also that will affect your mileage! And in the long run as well!It is as easy as to say you take care of your 650 and the bike would take care of you as well!And this bike won't age early and will continue to last for years unlike the sports competitors that age in 3-4 years and make you urge for a new motorcycle.Technology would always get old and would need an update every now and then. But a classic would always remain a classic and would indulge you to feel the ride. Now you decide for yourself.

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  • Q. Which one is better for daily use and even tour purposes with good posture and engaging ride and even a bit of speedster within a budget of 3 lakhs - Interceptor 650?
    Travel | 9 months ago

    Since you already mentioned interceptor 650, are you looking at anything else? If yes your best bet would be a dominar 400, it's got really good vfm .also cheaper than the 650 and easy on maintenance.

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  • Q. RE Interceptor 650 engine produces heat very much and I could feel it in my thighs from the petrol tank. Is it expected in this model? I am worried whether it's safe to drive when petrol tank gets heat?
    Manoj | 6 months ago

    Interceptor is a 650 CC twin cylinder motorcycle. It is expected to heat up more that the smaller capacity bikes we are use to.There has never been an incident where fuel has caught fire due to the engine heat. There are production motorcycles with three times the engine capacity, and I have never heard of a risk of fire due to the engine heat.

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