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Q. Should I buy a Interceptor 650 now or will there be a new model in 2022 for the Interceptor 650?
  • If you want a bike now then you may go for the current model. Moreover, as of now, there's no update from the brand's end of when the update will launch for Royal Enfield Interceptor 650. Stay tuned for further updates.Read more -The Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Will Get A New Exhaust For 2022.
  • The only difference is the 2022 is Euro 5 compliant.
Q. Though I am in the waiting period of 90days, so yet to recieve the bike, just wanted to check how much did it cost you to change the seat? While taking the test drive, I did felt the seat to be hard as well for longer rides.?
  • For the prices of the touring seat, we'd suggest you to connect with the nearest authorized service center. Click on the link and select your desired city for service centers.
Q. What will happen if I use 10w 50 engine oil instead of 15 w 50?
  • The recommended engine oil grade for the RE Interceptor 650 is 10W50 API SL (or higher), JASO MA2, Synthetic. We would suggest you to go with the recommended oil grade for apt performance.
  • Why change? The designers and engineers know more about the needs of the engine and transmission than we do.
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Q. Is the Interceptor 650 supplied with tubeless tyres?
  • If you are planning to add Alloy wheels don't.... interceptor is the most heavy bike of RE as of now and alloys tend to break easily under high loads or pressure on it especially in potholes and other bad patches...but if you really want to use tubeless then you can use the formula x tyre sealant or get a triumph spoke wheel those are spoke wheel but are tubeless
  • Yes like @debabrata said, Both 650 twins come with tubeless tires but since they have spoke rims they have tubes in them. They call it ‘Technically Tubeless Tires’. But if you can wait a few months, Royal Enfield is reportedly bringing out Alloy wheel rims for the Twins as an add on accessory. Before 2023 is what I heard. So maybe wait for it and you can have fully tubeless alloy wheel tires on your Int 650. ✌🏻🤩
  • All Re interceptor 650 manufacture after Jan 2021 comes with CEAT tube type tyre. so they are not tubeless. if you need to go for tubeless conversion, then you must change tyres.
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Q. What is air and oil cooled system and how it is different from liquid cooling system?
  • Primarily there are 2 types of cooling used for the engine. Air and Liquid. Air cooled engines are cheaper but the cooling may not be uniform since the rear portion of the cylinders cannot be cooled by air when the vehicle is moving forward. Liquid cooled engines are more expensive to make due to the cooling jackets that go around all the heat generating parts of the engine. Liquid cooled engines have more uniform cooling and they must have a radiator. Either of these can have a supplementary oil cooler, which has a small radiator that takes away the heat from the oil that circulates inside the engine. Oil cooling is not an alternate to either air or liquid cooling, but only supplementary to those. Hope this helps.
  • Oil Cooled and Water Cooled are terms used by Manufacturer's to differentiate the slight difference between the cooling systems. Oil cooling: Technically , An oil cooled engine is predominantly air cooled with oil cooling assistance, the majority of the heat transfer is through the fins on the cylinder block.Air-cooled engines are fuel efficient, affordable and require lesser engine space than that of liquid cooled engines. The Maintenance costs of liquid cooled ones are higher than air-cooled engines. Liquid cooled ones are easy to operate (better riding experience) but certainty of liquid spilling out is high.
  • In layman terms, air cooled means there is no special cooling mechanism and the air outside will be used to cool the bike. Oil cooling and liquid cooling is as described above. In short liquid cooling>oil cooling>air cooling. Also the same for maintaince cost.
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Q. RE Interceptor 650 engine produces heat very much and I could feel it in my thighs from the petrol tank. Is it expected in this model? I am worried whether it's safe to drive when petrol tank gets heat?
  • Changing the stock exhaust would def help reduce heat but make sure the fuel map is correct if the bike is too lean it might overheat. Also if you check the engine oil temp if it is above 170 degrees it would help a lot to use a much larger oil cooler and also use synthetic oil. A motorcycle, set up correctly, shouldn't run hot at idle. If the oil is over 200 degrees using your infrared thermometer then you would def benefit from a larger cooler. Remember manufacturers set up bikes to benefit THEM (ie overheat, lose compression, have to be overhauled, etc) NOT usually to benefit YOU. I had a friend has a BMW 1000cc bike it ran 170 temp stock. My Triumph bonneville was running 230. I changed radiator for one 300% larger and voila! Now my Triumph runs 170 like it should. On your air cooler bike you would change the oil cooler, same difference.
  • Interceptor is a 650 CC twin cylinder motorcycle. It is expected to heat up more that the smaller capacity bikes we are use to.There has never been an incident where fuel has caught fire due to the engine heat. There are production motorcycles with three times the engine capacity, and I have never heard of a risk of fire due to the engine heat.
  • The heat must be from the engine if you have been driving for a significant amount of time below about 30kmph like in heavy city traffic.That is normal as it is a big engine and is of no concern.Hope this helps! Happy riding!
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