Top Five Facts About Honda Cliq

The Cliq is the latest and the most affordable offering from Honda in the scooter segment. We list down a five facts that make it a relevant offering for rural areas.

Top Five Facts About Honda Cliq
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The first thing you notice when you see the Honda Cliq is how quirky the design is. It is a conventional commuter scooter intended to do the daily chores along with transporting luggage and goods from a place to another to an extent.But the design offers a completely different perspective. The scooter is primarily designed to focus on customers from rural areas.) We list out fivefacts that make it desirable in the most affordable two wheeler segment, positioned as a utilitarian vehicle. Read our review on Honda Cliq here.

Top Five Facts About Honda Cliq

Accessories – 

Designed to carry more luggage than conventional scooters, the Cliq gets an optional carrier which is basically an extension of the grab rail. The carrier is designed in such a way that it can hold some luggage,with the four bolts (two on either side) acting as mounting points for additional luggage. The side body panels are nicely chipped off to make space in case luggage is hung on both the sides. Honda is also offering a small storagebin(as an optional extra) that can be mounted on the footboard and offers a small storage space.

Top Five Facts About Honda Cliq

A small black wind screen is also offered as an option which does add to the visual appeal of the scooter. It is available in four colours – Patriot Red, Morrocan Blue, Orcus Grey and Black. Clean design of graphics on the scooter lend it a fresh look.  

Top Five Facts About Honda Cliq

Engine and cycle parts – 

The Cliq is powered by Honda’s trusted 110cc mill that develops 8PS @ 7000rpm and 8.94Nm @ 5500rpm. The headlamp is mounted low down on the front body panel like the Dio, with the turn indicators positioned even lower. It gets a trailing arm suspension at the front and a monoshock unit at the rear. Braking duties are handled by 130mm drum brakes both at the front and the rear, assisted by Honda’s Combined Braking System (CBS). 

The speedometer console is mounted on the body panel itself while the handlebar unit is rather clean anddevoid of any body panel.This endows the scooter with a funky looking front. The front design is somewhat reminiscent of the Kinetic Blaze scooter whichwas discontinued long ago.

Top Five Facts About Honda Cliq

Tyres – 

The Cliq is shod with knobby tubeless Ceat tyres which make it the first scooter to run on them as a standard fitment in the country. This shows Honda’s intent and purpose of making the Cliq more relevant for rural areas where properly built or even roads are a rarity. Tyre size is 90/100-10 for both the front and rear wheels.  

Top Five Facts About Honda Cliq

Positioning – 

The scooter has been touted as a utilitarian vehicle and its built and dimensions justify the same. At 743mm, the seat height is one of the lowest in the scooter segment in the country and it weighs only 102kg. This also helps shorter riders to maneuver the scooter easily. Also, the flat and wide seat is comfortable for longer rides. The Cliq does draw a parallel with the Navi in terms of design which will surely appeal to the audience buying something that looks different from its contemporaries, but, while being more practical than the Navi. 

Top Five Facts About Honda Cliq

With 3.5 litres of fuel tank capacity, it will get an approximate range of roughly 150 km. The fuel tank does put limitations on long-distance commutes though.We would have also loved a metal body, considering the kind of usage it will be subjected to.

Top Five Facts About Honda Cliq

Competition -

As far as competition for the Cliq is concerned, there are not many options. It creates a good distance from the other scooters by a considerable margin. At the price it is offered for, it does face competition from affordable bikes and some scooters. In terms of pricing, it goes up against the Bajaj Platina in bikes and TVS Scooty Pep in the scooter segment. The Platina costs Rs 42,646, the TVS Scooty Pep costs Rs 40,000 (most affordable scooter) and the Cliq costs Rs 42,499 (ex-showroom, Delhi). Though the Scooty undercuts the Cliq in terms of pricing, it is an old scooter, has a smaller capacity engine and is primarily targeted towards the fairer sex. 

The Cliq ticks a lot of right boxes as an all-round package, as far as the utility and practicality is concerned. It will surely turn heads thanks to its quirky design language. However, the biggest takeaway a buyer will get from the Cliq is the reliability of Honda.

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