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This Guy Is A Sound Wizard Who Perfectly Recreates Supercar Notes

Greg Gevojanyan has a knack for aping car sounds with a noteworthy level of accurate bass and treble levels

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Greg Gevojanyan (Instagram handle - Mrcarsounds) has recently made waves in the social media scene, and for good reason. This gifted individual has an impressive ability to imitate the sounds of various supercars. With over 1.5 lakh followers on social media, he has quickly become a popular figure due to his uncanny ability to recreate the roar of engines and the sound of exhausts.

Recently, he was featured in a reel by itsdanielmac (Daniel Mac) on Instagram, where he demonstrated his impressive skills. The video started in a typical Daniel Mac fashion, with him asking a person ‘What They Do For A Living?’. And because Greg Gevojanyan is an unique individual, his way of living was something that intrigued Daniel and Greg wasted no time in showcasing his niche.

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He impersonated the sounds of a number of different supercars as asked by Mac and the list included Audis, Ferraris, and even a Formula 1 race car. With each impression, he managed to capture the unique character of each car, from the deep growl of the Pagani Huayra to the high-pitched whine of the Lexus LFA. He even managed to precisely imitate the downshifts of the vehicles and that’s really impressive, considering how every vehicle has a different symphony to it.

The video was being shot in what looks like Greg’s driveway because the vehicle behind him is actually his, more about which later in the story. But the eccentric sounds that came out of his mouth allured a live audience and the video quickly went viral, garnering more than six lakh views and capturing the attention of car enthusiasts all over the world.

It's clear that Greg’s talent is a rare and impressive one, and it's no surprise that he has quickly become a popular figure in the world of car enthusiasts. But what makes it even more wholesome is the fact that he himself is an avid car enthusiast. 

Aged just 21, he brought himself a BMW M3 E92 (2007-2013) – a 8,300 RPM revving V8 sports sedan with over 400PS and 400Nm on tap. He’s even made a few modifications to it that go deeper than the skin, but the exterior kit and tweaks look aesthetic and tasteful. 

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Of course, he is not the first person with a soft corner for cars that likes to impersonate the sounds of supercars. But what sets him apart from the pack is his remarkable accuracy and attention to detail. Each of his impressions including start-ups and even drive-bys are so spot-on that it's easy to forget that you're not actually listening to the real thing. 

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