The Suzuki Gixxer Races An S-Presso And The Results Are CLOSE!

Some of the most affordable Suzukis on two wheels and four face off against each other

Suzuki is a company that does well in India in both the two-wheeled and four-wheeled segments of our market. On the four-wheeled front, Maruti Suzuki is a dominant force in terms of sales figures, and Suzuki isn’t too shabby in the two-wheeled world either: the Access is the best-selling 125cc scooter in the country. We’ve already seen how the sporty Swift stacks up against the grunty Gixxer 250, and you can read about that here. Now, though, we’re going to see how some of the more affordable offerings hold up against each other.

The 155cc Gixxer is the most affordable Suzuki motorcycle available in India, while the S-Presso represents the one of the cheapest Maruti Suzuki cars on sale here. It’s also one of the most affordable cars to get an automated manual transmission (AMT) and that’s the variant we’re going to be testing here.



Suzuki Gixxer

Maruti Suzuki S-Presso




Quarter Mile

19.71sec @ 105.9kmph

19.97sec @ 111.98kmph

The S-Presso’s tiny 1-litre motor might only manage a modest 68PS, but a reasonably healthy 90Nm torque figure, coupled with an extremely light 726kg kerb weight, means that it edges the Gixxer to 100kmph by a little under 2 seconds. Things are a lot closer at the quarter-mile mark, with the car only a quarter of a second ahead! The S-Presso seems to be running out of breath at these speeds, because it takes nearly 5 seconds to get from 100kmph to 112kmph, indicating the Gixxer could hunt it down over a longer stretch of tarmac.



Suzuki Gixxer

Maruti Suzuki S-Presso







The brakes have long been a bugbear for us on the Gixxer range, offering very little feel and average bite, at best. And with only single-channel ABS on offer, one has to be careful of the rear wheel locking up. This means the S-Presso bags a clear victory in this department, stopping almost 10 metres earlier than the bike from 80kmph.


The similar power-to-weight ratios mean that acceleration timings between the car and the bike are quite close. On the braking front, though, the extra contact patches and stability offered by four wheels, combined with the shortcomings of the Gixxer, make the S-Presso come out on top.

*both vehicles tested are BS4-compliant

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