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Suzuki Gixxer 150
Suzuki Gixxer 150
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  • Awesome bike

    It's an awesome bike.I like this bike so much.In future i will definitely buy it at any price.

  • style and power in one

    Truly standing apart from the other models, the Suzuki Gixxer is sure to amaze any one by its amazing features and modern specialities that is well planned and made with. The showroom claimed that this showed a great response when it was launched and has a never ending of buyers. I too was amazed at all that this vehicle has to offer and so i decided to buy this model. It is super comfort and easy to drive all the way through. Besides good mileage and powerful engine, it has super attractive led lights with clear vision.

  • There will be a tree and

    There will be a tree and one apple will fall from that tree and the apple must be picked

  • Gixxer Thrills, Street Dominance.

    This Suzuki Gixxer I ride to work is More distant than Clearly a means of transportation. It's nimble exchanging with unlocked Gixxer perfection. There are more uses for this sportbike than Clearly riding the roads. It all comes down to carrying out the assignment with the precise and sporting Trend that outline the Gixxer range. The Gixxer's aerodynamic shape and effective interpretation make everyride a show of sportbike genius. It's not Clearly a bike. A rider's appetite for sharp commuting is gratified with the Gixxer, which handles every twist of the throttle with the perfection and faculty that it embodies.

  • Smooth engine

    The Gixxer is a stylish bike with excellent fit with build quality and finishing also this bike is easy to use and quite comfortable. It provides 43 kmpl of mileage and has superior fuel economy and its instrument cluster is entirely computerised however, headlamp illumination is inadequate. The Suzuki Gixxer comes in three distinct colours and this bike latest addition has new features and offers a nice ride and is quite simple to ride in the city.This bike comes with a powerful and smooth engine and the starting price point is approximately 1,30,000 and it offers a fuel-injected, single-cylinder engine.

  • 5.0
    Speed breakers

    I have been owning this bike since 2015 and has done almost 66000kms on it. Since then I have been using this bike as my city commute and not just that, I even used to take it for some occasional highway rides as well. 1. Comfort This bike is one of the most comfortable in its segment. The riding posture of this bike is straight and handlebar is a bit on farther side but it's not uncomfortable at all. Suspension are very plush they absorbs almost every kind of bump or potholes. The seat doesn't have a great padding but again you can install the foam to seats afterwards. 2. Engine and Technology The bike which I am owning is the carburetted one as it is 2015 make while the current variant have the fuel injection. The bike has SUPER SMOOTH ENGINE which is good for generating 14.8BHP with 14NM power and torque figures respectively. This engine is good in low and mid rpm range while it goes upto 9.5k RPM but it is not that rev happy engine. At higher RPMs the vibrations will generate. 3.Fuel Efficiency The bike is a great mile muncher. It gives the mileage of around 53Kmpl at speeds around 65-70 KM/H while if you cruise at highway at speeds of around 85 KM/H the bike will give the mileage of around 47 KMPL while in city at 80-85 KMPH the bike gives mileage of around 42 KMPL. Since my bike is carburetted one the FI variant will surely give the better mileage than this. 4.Brakes The bike have the disc brakes at both the ends and as per the performance of the bike the brakes are decent. The provide enoungh stooping power with the MRF rubber at both ends. The tires provide the good amount of grip. It is also equipped with single channel ABS for panick braking situations. 5.Lighting The bike lacks on the lighting side. It is okay for the city rides but for highways you will have to install auxiliary lights for once sun goes down. It now comes with LED HEADLIGHT and LED REAR LIGHT. 6.Gearbox The 5 speed gearbox is not that smooth on other bikes but it will surely not cause problems to you. Tips to remember Never ever get 3 people on bike otherwise your rear suspension will be gone and you will then have lower ground clearance and which will result in scrapping of exhaust part of your bike at speed breakers and potholes.Keep a check on engine oil suspension leaks and air filter regularly in around 20 days If your rear tire is wearing more on one side then try it by replacing the brackets for swing arm at the chassis end.

  • Embrace the Unparalleled Thrill of Sport Riding.

    The Suzuki Gixxer beckons riders to embrace an extraordinary journey filled with adrenaline-pumping excitement and unmatched performance. With its captivating design and formidable engine, this sport bike commands attention and dominates the road with undeniable authority. The Gixxer boasts flawless handling and precise control, empowering riders to conquer every twist and turn with unwavering confidence. Its lightning-fast acceleration and seamless transmission offer an unforgettable and pulse-quickening ride. Whether you're a seasoned rider seeking the pinnacle of thrill or a newcomer venturing into the world of sport riding, the Suzuki Gixxer unlocks a realm of unparalleled excitement, enveloping you in a symphony of unrivaled high-performance mastery.

  • Gixxer remains as an exemplification

    The Suzuki Gixxer remains as an exemplification of two-wheel imaginativeness, rising above standards with its grand designing. This savage excellence thunders with a voracious strive after the black top, blending power and artfulness in a concealed collaboration. Its entrancing plan is an orchestra of streamlined features, an encouragement to stretch boundaries. The core of Gixxer pulsates with a controlled savagery, impelling adrenaline through your veins. As consistent as naturally suspected. The Gixxer moves through bends, a maestro's magnum opus. This covert wonder rethinks two-wheeled invigoration, a ride that murmurs to the spirit of every rider. Locators, be careful, for this survey is the voice of a genuine encounter.

  • Embodies the Spirit of Speed and Precision.

    The Suzuki Gixxer will be encouraged to be ridden. This spinning bike provides a terrible mix of expression and capability for riders appearing for exhilaration. Its dynamic machine allows for perfection operation and lightning- whirlwind administration for demanding megalopolises and track roadways. For those appearing for dégagé face features and slice- bite traits, there is the Gixxer. Movie rudiments are well- known for furnishing a safe and witchinghelp.However, if you are appearing for a bike that blends sportiness and fineness, the Suzuki Gixxer is an excellentalternative.This bike is a gem on two instruments due to its remarkable dynamic frugality and award- winning design.

  • Gixxer Redefines the Joy of Riding.

    Riding the Suzuki Gixxer will be encouraged. For riders appearing for excitement, this spinning bike delivers a atrocious combination of expression and capability. Its active engine provides precise operation and whirlwind administration for hardworking cosmopolises and track roadways. There's the Gixxer for those appearing for dégagé facial features and slice- edge characteristics. Movie fundamentals are famed for furnishing a secure and witching aid.However, the Suzuki Gixxer is a great option, If you are appearing for a bike that combines sportiness andelegance.Due to its unusual dynamic economy and award- winning project, this bike is a treasure on two instruments.

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