Interview with Sukhdev Asnani, M.D. Nebula Automotive

Pune-based ATV and off-road vehicle maker Nebula Automotive is looking to significantly ramp up operations to cater to a wider clientele. Here, the company's managing director Sukhdev Asnani speaks to ZigWheels about its expansion plans and upcoming products


Sukhdev Asnani, M.D. Nebula Automotive





Nebula Automotive was founded in 2002 by Sukhdev Asnani to cater to the niche All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) market alongside agricultural and recreational vehicles. Nebula Exports currently has a model line-up of 12 ATVs that include 110cc off-roaders for children to 800cc amphibious ATVs for adults, golf carts, cruisers and mini tractors. 


In India, Nebula Automotive assembles its range of ATVs in Pune, Maharashtra, and distributes them through its outlets in Pune and Mumbai. The company is currently considering expanding the number of dealerships and service centres across India. The Nebula range of ATVs is available from Rs. 90,000 to Rs. 15 lakh.  


Q: What inspired you to start an All Terrain Vehicle company?


Asnani: As a child, I saw vehicles of the type in comics and always wanted one for myself. Unfortunately, there was nothing of the type in India. Therefore, I decided to create some so that the youth and people of this country could have access to ATVs and leisure vehicles of the type. 


Q: Where are the vehicles manufactured?


Components for the vehicle are sourced from within the country and abroad and the vehicles are assembled as CKD units in our facility in Wanawadi Industrial Estate, Pune. 





Nebula SP302





Q: What made you enter the Indian market?


The decision was backed by the opportunity to capitalise on a market where the likes of elite farmers demand a more comfortable and convenient vehicle with features like power steering, etc. Then, there is the market consisting our clientele’s young children, who can ride small capacity off-road vehicles to develop driving skills from an early age. 


Q: Are you looking to compete against Polaris?


No, our clientele is different from that of Polaris in India. Our range of vehicles is relatively more affordable than Polaris’.






Nebula SP Xtreme800





Q: Where all are you looking to set up dealerships in India?


We are looking to establish dealerships in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati, Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Srinagar. 


Q: What would be the service intervals for your vehicles?


Under normal conditions service intervals would rest between 2,000km. However, using the vehicles in rough conditions, muddy terrain, etc would entail shorter service intervals due to more wear and tear. 


Q: Are you looking to sell golf carts and other leisure vehicles in India? 


Yes, we are looking to introduce golf carts in India from the coming fiscal year. We are also going to introduce a road legal 800cc petrol-engined Jeep. 





Nebula SP Electric Golf Cart






Q: What vehicles do you have for the agricultural sector?


We have a small tractor with equipment such as power steering and four-wheel-drive option. It is designed to be easy to operate and is targeted at the likes of elite farmers. Our range of ATVs can also be specced up with equipment that allows users to carry materials across their farms. 


Q: Finally, how many units do you plan to sell in India?


We are looking to sell about 1,000 ATVs and about 300 Jeeps per year in India. We will carry out some test marketing for the golf carts based on which we shall set a sales target.