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BREAKING: Ola S1 Series Gets 3 New Variants

Prices of Ola’s scooters now range between Rs 85,000 and Rs 1.30 lakh

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Ola Electric has chosen the shortest month of the year to lengthen its S1 lineup even further by introducing three new members to the e-scooter family. Here’s everything you need to know about them:

While the S1 Air was actually launched with a 2.5kWh battery back in October 2022, it is now available in three trims. The motor outputs and the top speed remain the same, but the new variants of the Air get different battery packs and, inherently, differing claimed ranges. 

The scooter can be had as either a 2kWh battery pack variant, a 3kWh model or a 4kWh one. The claimed Indian Driving Cycle (IDC) ranges for them stand at 85km, 125km and 165km, respectively. But, if you’ve already booked the 2.5kWh one for yourself, fret not, for you’ll get an upgrade to the 3kWh variant! 

Talking about the mid-spec model of the S1 series now, it too gets a new variant. The Ola S1 is now available with a 2kWh battery pack option too. The reduction in battery capacity has resulted in a lower 91km (IDC) claimed range and 90kmph top speed. The S1 Pro, meanwhile, remains unchanged. 

If these things have you excited, you can head to Ola Electric’s website and book any one of these e-scoots. Deliveries, meanwhile, will begin in July. As for the prices, here’s how much each of them costs:  

What these new variants mean is more for the customer. An Ola Electric scooter can now be had from a 110cc scooter-rivalling Rs 84,999, going up to Rs 1,29,999 (prices are ex-showroom and inclusive of Fame II subsidy), which is premium scooter category. That also means if a scooter with a claimed range of 181km seems overkill for some, they can opt for scooters with less range and hence pay less too. 

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