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Ather Apologises; Admits Fault In EV Fire Case

This is EXACTLY how situations like these should be dealt with

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Ather Energy has put up a post on social media addressing a fire incident that took place in Bangalore a couple of weeks ago. The company said that the root cause was the issue in the wiring harness assembly. By the time the scooter’s safety systems kicked in, cutting power, the harness had already caught fire. The battery, BMS and dashboard, though, remained completely unaffected according to the company. Here’s the full statement: 

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By owning up to its fault and taking immediate steps to recify it, Ather has set an admirable precedent as to how such incidents should be dealt with. The Indian brand has come up and owned up to its mistake timely and professionally, exactly how any manufacturer should.

Dealing with situations like these with such transparency invokes a feeling of trust among owners, a feeling that’s rather uncommon in the current electric two-wheeler industry that's dealing with rising mishaps. It is, hence, no surprise that the Ather 450X is a personal favourite for a lot of the boys at ZigWheels. Way to go, Ather!

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