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CB Unicorn 150 User Reviews

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  • 3.4

    Very smooth and reliable bike, but I am not getting good mileage. Maybe because I drive rarely. Very low maintenance cost. Light steering. Easy to navigate through traffic despite the weight. Mono Suspention helps in navigating city traffic by providing superior handling despite being a commuter bike. Brakes are good. Tyres are not too thick. Tube tyres is a yuuuuuuuuuge(Donald Trump style) disadvantage. Also, not digital instrumentation. The bike lacks latest features and thus feels outdated. The fuel indicator doesn't update immediately after you insert a key and takes few minutes or Atleast about a minute to update. Thus try to fill air immediately after filling fuel to know if fuel was filled properly. This is another shameful disadvantage of this 150cc vehicle . Even the smaller and cheaper Honda activa has this feature of instant update of fuel level. Overall, the basic suspension, comfort, braking, centre of weight and performance are a remarkable feat of engineering. However, lack of features makes the bike look outdated and the vehicle can certainly be much better. Though the overall built quality is graduating, there are quality issues. My vehicle battery had to be replying, since my vehicle didn't start after it wasn't used for just 13 days. Usually, a batter should survive for about 2 months of non - usage. Fortunately it was covered in warranty. And the fuel tank doesn't fit perfectly on the left side. It looks a bit ugly.Initially I got 45-50 kmpl but it dropped to 35-40. I complained and got it fixed. Mileage improved to 45-50. But now again I get a mileage of 35-40. Maybe because I used the vehicle once in a week only? Don't know.

  • 5.0

    Actually, I got and still getting 60+kmpl mileage. While long drives sometimes he gives me around 70kmpl. And one thing I love is to glide him between 40-50kmph, without braking and gear changing with a constant acceleration. I love him. He turns when I wish to. Like you just imagine how to glide, He goes exactly how you imagine. Not wild. I said this because of that effortless handling. He got with the engine and gearbox assembled in the right slot, which delivers the equalized position of the rider to the engine, which makes him stay still even after being stoped for a few seconds without putting his leg down. And his performance. Evenly tuned power, torque, and mileage. You care about him as a wonderful companion. He will treat you amazingly. He'll last longer than you dream. Once you happen to be with a unicorn for just 2-3 days. You'll never feel satisfied riding without a unicorn. Never care about my words. Just use one for a few days and feel it. The self-start is amazing. Just touch for a quarter of a second. You'll never see such an electric start. And you can't even feel his ignition and idle engine too.

  • 4.6

    I am using this bike for more than 2 years. People who love to ride a stable, smooth and comfortable 150cc bike this is the best choice till date. Seat height is very good for people 5ft5inch to please 6ft. Short heighy people may face difficulties with this bike seat height. My height is 5 ft 8 inch and I feel so comfortable in this bike. Maximum distance I covered in a single day is 170km. Only issue I feel in long ride is seat is slightly hard. This bike is very good for seating 2 healthy adults. Seat is very long so no problem when pillion is in back. And pillion doesn't feel problem in this bike. Engine is very smooth. Gear shifting is also very smooth. I use motul engine oil for my bike so it feels more smooth. Only problem with engine I felt that the tappets are to be adjusted in every 5000kms or it become noisy. Other than that no problem with engine. Milage I get please 45kmpl. I use it daily so I will recommend it for daily commute.

  • 5.0

    I ride bike for atleast 60 kms per day. Hence both comfort and mileage is necesaary. I have done many surveys through websites and by communicate with 150 cc bike owners {( because 150 cc bike provide more comfort than 100cc bike if we slightly compromise with mileage).Two bikes in market is best for performance and comfort Its been confusion for me to chose either bajaj pulsar 150 or honda unicorn 150. In a view of stylish and attraction pulsar can gain some more points, but in stability, comfort, maintanence, and longevity Unicorn is best for family man for long run. Also the leg position and posture of sitting in the bike is more comfort than pulsar while taking test rides. If your expected mileage is within 55 to 65 with better comfort. You can blindly chose unicorn for better riding

  • 4.6

    A very comfortable , decent looking , and absolutely trouble free bike with great economy , very cheap maintenance and long lasting haste free spare parts , simple in design and can be repaired anywhere , this bike is a legend and can be handled in any nearby local garage , no skilled person required, economically very well , i get nearly 60 to 65 kmpl on highways maintaining a speed between 55 to 70, in city i get 50 kmpl and in heavily traffic on 2nd or 3 rd gear it provides me 30 to 37 kmpl , I"m happy though , just one tip for all the unicorn owners , change the rubber diaphragm inside carburetor after every 20000 km , the starting problem will not arise , take care of your bike wash regularly wear helmet and don"t break the rules and traffic signals , ride safe

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