How to maintain chrome bits on your car

Chrome parts like wheels, grills, etc. need care, even though chrome is resistant to rust. Some tips to get the shine back on those chrome bits

Hyundai Sonata Chrome Grille

Chrome components on the body of a car are becoming popular India, many cars today come with chrome grilles, chrome strips on the boot, door panels or roof rails and other parts. Though Chromium, the metal used to chrome-plate steel and other metals, resists tarnishing and holds a shine better than all other metals it rusts over time. If you allow chrome to go too long without removing rust, it will become permanently damaged.

In modern cars. most of the chrome-plated parts have a plastic base. The top chrome layer is subjected to the road grime and stains that come with that. A soft soap solution or car shampoo is capable of cleaning your chrome parts. In worst conditions, you can use a good quality chrome polish from the market. But never use any abrasive scrubbing material to clean the surface. One of the better cleaners is something like Colin, which you use at home to clean your refrigerator, etc.

Removing rust and polishing chrome can usually restore chrome to a reasonable-looking condition.  As long as the chrome is not flaking off, you have a chance of saving it. The soap acts as both a cleaner and a lubricant to prevent scratching (use plenty of water). Use a toothbrush and household cleaner to clean rust in cracks and crevices you can't reach. Wet the toothbrush, dip it in the cleanser, and start scrubbing. Rinse well with plenty of fresh water. The final step for chrome is to polish it with a good chrome polish. Also, the best metal-polishing cloth is soft cotton, such as T-shirt material (do not forget to remove buttons, though!).

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