Bajaj Pulsar F250 6000km Long Term Review

  • Feb 11, 2024
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Does it have what it takes to be the modern sibling of the Pulsar 220 F?

We rode both the Bajaj Pulsar F250 and N250 two years ago and of the two, the F250 definitely caught our attention more. It being touted as the modern sibling of the Pulsar 220 F meant it had big boots to fill, but then there’s only so much that short first rides can tell you. So,now that the boys at ZigWheels have been daily-ing this bike for around six months, we’ve quite some things to talk about. 

It Looks Nice!

The F250 is a good looking bike and there’s no denying that. The floating panels for the front mudguard and the belly pan evoke a sense of performance and the way the extensions flow into the tank seems very NS-like. Besides, the stubby exhaust adds some mass to the otherwise slim rear. All in all, the F250 is a genuinely good looking bike and even the overall fit-and-finish levels, too, aredefinitely better than traditional Bajaj products.

But the F250 is more of a classically good looking bike than a futuristic or polarising one. So while it will grab attention, it’s unlikely that it’ll get unnecessary eyeballs. And that makes parking it in public quite easy, knowing that people won’t come and fiddle around with it. That really put my mind at ease and if you’re like me, this bike’s design will strike a nice balance for you too. 

A Gem Of A Commuter! 

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We talked about the F250’s torquey engine in our first ride report, but what that translates to in the city is effortless commuting. Think of the boxes you feel a commuter in this segment should tick and the F250 ticks all of them. You can putter around the entire city in third gear and the F250 doesn’t complain at all. And even more importantly, the F250 feels smooth throughout the rev range which,  again,  is something we’ve never seen on Pulsars before. 

The ergonomics… are spot on. The clip-ons are adequately  raised, meaning there’s just a little lean forward to reach the handlebar and it’s definitely a posture that you can be in all day long. And, at 164kg (kerb), the F250 sounds quite light and feels even lighter! Be it moving it around in parking lots or making quick direction changes to execute quick overtakes, the F250 feels delightfully light.  

And what the lightness means is that the F250 is eager to lean over. It’ll be a lovely companion up your favourite twisty road and its forgiving and predictable nature means it’ll be a good bike for newer riders to learn the art of cornering on.  

The clutch…feels very light. Bajaj has been making some super light clutches in recent times and the F250 is no different. Even if you’re stuck in a long traffic jam, two fingers are good enough to operate it without it causing any pain. And if all the recent reel-scrolling on Instagram has strengthened your fingers, you can even operate it with a single finger. 

But That Very Engine Has Shortcomings…

The short gearing and strong bottom-end grunt that we loved in the city unfortunately compromise the F250’s highway abilities. Anything post  85kmph, and the engine feels strained and by the time 100kmph arrives, the engine turns a bit shouty and the vibes start creeping up as well. So if you want to spend long hours in the saddle without fatigue, 80-90kmph comes off as the sweet spot. Add a pillion to the equation and it’ll put further strain on the bike. 

Tyre Upgrade Is Definitely Recommended!

And while we are talking about going fast and riding spiritedly, another thing about the Pulsar F250 that doesn’t hold up well enough are the tyres. While these are fine for commuting, you would want to switch to grippy ones if you like riding your bikes in a spirited manner. Plus, they also don’t inspire confidence when riding through gravel or on wet roads. 

And One More Not So Little Niggle…

The Pulsar F250’s DTE (Distance To Empty) readings are all over the place. So we’d advise you to either keep a track on the fuel gauge or, in sticky situations, even open the fuel tank’s lid and shake the bike to check the fuel levels. 

Is It The Pulsar 220F’s Modern Sibling?

The F250 has been a sweet and easygoing companion for the past 7 months. It’s the most sophisticated Pulsar we’ve seen and it does feel like the modern sibling of the Pulsar 220F…no two ways to that. But in that process, it has lost out on the raw excitement that the 220 F was known for. We can’t help but want a bit more excitement, a bit more character, a bit more madness.

At Rs 1,49,978 (ex-showroom Delhi), the F250 is a budget-friendly commuter and if that's what you want, it's really likeable. But if you want excitement on a budget, you might want to consider something like the TVS Apache RTR 200 4V. Yes, it's lower on displacement, but it's definitely a lot higher in terms of excitement

Bajaj Pulsar F250 Video Review

Bajaj Pulsar F250
Bajaj Pulsar F250
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