Top 5 Radical Looking Two-Wheelers At Auto Expo 2020

  • Feb 9, 2020
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This year’s Auto Expo offerings had quite a few out-of-the-box designs. We pick the 5 best ones
Top 5 Radical Looking Two-Wheelers At Auto Expo 202

As this year’s Auto Expo draws to a close, it is time to recollect the interesting two-wheelers on display there. While the 2020 Auto Expo was mostly about electrics, some featured eye popping designs. Here are the top 5 radical looking two wheelers of 2020 Auto Expo. 


Hero Electric AE-3:

Top 5 Radical Looking Two-Wheelers At Auto Expo 202

Hero Electric has quite a few interesting products on display at Auto Expo 2020 but perhaps the most interesting one was the AE-3 electric trike. And this one was no ordinary trike but had two self-balancing forks like the Yamaha Nikken! Know more about this unique concept here


Everve electric scooter 

Top 5 Radical Looking Two-Wheelers At Auto Expo 202

The Everve electric scooter impresses not just by its size but its unconventional bodywork. Though in prototype form, it looks like a finished product. It has a bulbous but appealing design with fat suspension components and tyres. There is a central ridge running through the floorboard and naked handlebars which give it a moto/maxi scooter vibe. It is substantial under the skin as well with a colour display and geo-fencing features. Know more details here


Devot electric motorcycle:

Top 5 Radical Looking Two-Wheelers At Auto Expo 202
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Our next entry is an electric motorcycle with unconventional styling. The Devot electric motorcycle gets a smart satin grey paint job but that not what’s radical about it. Most of the motorcycle’s mass appears to be concentrated around the faux fuel tank and battery pack. Overall the Devot might appear odd to some but this is a well-finished motorcycle. Know more details and launch timeline here


Okinawa cruiser:

Top 5 Radical Looking Two-Wheelers At Auto Expo 202

Depending on your tastebuds, the Okinawa Cruiser might be the ugliest scooter out here or the most interesting one. For one it gets a lurid gold custom paint job which might not be upto everyone’s tastes. Then the large headlamp, fairing and swingarm shrouds feel very er. Chinese. The Okinawa Cruiser was probably the most polarising scooter at the 2020 Auto Expo and it is coming your way. More details here


Suzuki Katana:

Top 5 Radical Looking Two-Wheelers At Auto Expo 202

Suzuki showcased the Katana at the 2020 Auto Expo and depending on the audience reaction, might launch it here. First seen at the 2018 INTERMOT, the Katana sportsbike features an interesting retro design that pays homage to the original 80’s Katana but is modern underneath the skin. Oh, and it packs a punchy motor as well as high-spec suspension components as well. This is one motorcycle we cant wait to see on our shores. Know more about the Katana here 

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