Red Bull Racing Can wings-in!

What ties a Formula One racing team, design cool and a fizzy drink together? Why, it's the Red Bull Racing Can competition, and it's here in India. Here's the whole deal

Fizz open a can of energy drink and empty it’s contents, preferably into a willing thirsty throat. Cut the can open, twist and turn it into aerodynamic shapes. Mount the created can-traption on to a remote control chassis, bench race with funky fellow nerds from around the country, win and meet a Red Bull Racing driver – and if you’re the best in the country, fly to Milton Keynes in England to see what a real Formula 1 R&D skunkwork shop looks like. Sounds like a plan? That's the Red Bull Racing Can.




Red Bull Racing Can is a university racing series, meant only for cool people. It is a worldwide event, where 12 teams compete per location on a set course with custom remote control cars. To ensure fair play, the chassis of all cars are the same, and supplied by Red Bull. It's the air flow and art in aluminium bodies of the cars that makes the difference in this competition. The aluminium, however, must come only from that of a Red Bull Can.





It’s not just about making a car though, teams are also supposed to race it and prove that they are fast in the heat of an RC race. But just proving that you are fast is not enough – you also have to look cool doing it – since points are also awarded based on creativity and how spunky your design is. These points could determine the starting position on the grid for the team - a race well begun is half won!





The preliminary rounds of the competition will be held in Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune and Delhi. Winners will then advance to the national finals in Delhi, and will also get to meet a Red Bull Racing driver and pick tips from him on how to go faster – aluminium tin can car or not!
The overall champions though get an even sweeter deal. They will be flown to the Red Bull Racing headquarters in Milton Keynes, UK. They will compete there, with the national champs from 24 other countries in the Red Bull Racing Can World Final and also get a glimpse of where the real magic for the Red Bull Racing team takes place.





Entries are now closed, but you can still go and cheer on your favourite designs. Here’s the schedule:

1. MUMBAI: 19-20 Aug, Wilson College

2. PUNE: 19-20 Aug, Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies (Undergraduate)

3. DELHI: 19-20 Aug, IIT Delhi

4. KOLKATA: 9-10 Aug, Techno India College [Salt Lake]

5. BANGALORE: 9-10 Aug, 'College of Fine Arts, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath'

6. CHENNAI: 9-10 Aug, SRM University

7. HYDERABAD: 9-10 Aug, NIFT