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Almost The Entire Pulsar Range Witnesses A Price Revision For 2021

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  • Jan 12, 2021
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The previous price hike happened less than a month ago


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Two-wheeler manufacturers expect customers to dig deep into their pockets to offset the cost of increasing material charges. We’ve already seen price revisions come from the likes of Hero, Honda, KTM, TVS and Royal Enfield. And now Bajaj seems to have joined the party.

Surprisingly, it’s only been around a month since the last hike. Almost the entire Pulsar range barring the Pulsar 125 (drum variant) and RS 200 have witnessed a surge in prices. Here’s the revised price list for 2021:


New Price (Ex-showroom Delhi)

Old Price (Ex-showroom Delhi)


Pulsar 125 Neon

Drum: Rs 71,616

Disc: Rs 77,946

Split Seat Drum: Rs 74,298

Split Seat Disc: Rs 81,242

Drum: Rs 72,122

Disc: Rs 76,922

Split Seat Drum: Rs 73,274

Split Seat Disc: Rs 80,218

Drum: - Rs 506

Disc: Rs 1,024

Split Seat Drum: Rs 1,024

Split Seat Disc: Rs 1,024

Pulsar 150

Neon: Rs 94,125

Standard: Rs 1,01,082

Twin Disc: Rs 1,04,979

Neon: Rs 92,627

Standard: Rs 99,584

Twin Disc: Rs 1,03,482

Neon: Rs 1,498

Standard: Rs 1,498

Twin Disc: Rs 1,497

Pulsar 180F

Rs 1,14,515

Rs 1,13,018

Rs 1,497

Pulsar 220F

Rs 1,25,248

Rs 1,23,245

Rs 2,003

Pulsar NS160

Rs 1,10,086

Rs 1,08,589

Rs 1,497

Pulsar NS200

Rs 1,33,222

Rs 1,31,219

Rs 2,003

Depending on the model, the price hikes seem to vary between Rs 1,000 and a little over Rs 2,000. The only upside, if you could call it that, is that Bajaj reduced the price of the Pulsar 125 Neon by Rs 506. So, you now pay Rs 71,616 instead of the previous Rs 72,122.

The RS 200 retains its current price tag of Rs 1,52,179. However, we anticipate an impending hike on it as well. Here’s how Honda’s sporty commuters fair in comparison.

Interestingly, the new price makes the NS200 Rs 152 more expensive than the TVS Apache RTR 200 4V dual-channel variant. While such a marginal difference may sound irrelevant, it makes the RTR 200 a compelling proposition. That’s because the latter is not only cheaper but offers more bang for your buck. You get ride modes, an adjustable front suspension along with adjustable brake and clutch levers -- none of which is present in the NS200. So if we were you, we’d take a long, hard look at the 2021 RTR 200 4V.

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