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Bajaj Pulsar 150
Bajaj Pulsar 150
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  • it is an attraction magnet

    I love this model for its impressive performance. The Bajaj Pulsar 150 is a popular motorcycle in India known for its blend of affordability, performance, features, and sporty appeal in the 150cc segment.

  • To be honest, I tried this

    To be honest, I tried this recently and it was just awesome in pickup and satisfied the rider in terms of riding.Braking is also fantastic, Agreed the bike- pulsar 150 td.

  • To be honest the amount of

    To be honest the amount of money to maintain the bike is not much it's somehow quite manageable but what i have noticed is that the patrol bikes are quite money consuming compared to ebikes so i'm thinking of shifting to ebikes

  • My bike pulsar 150 I using

    My bike pulsar 150 i'm using from 2 years till nice experience with that bike i felt good for having that bike

  • Uphill climb

    Other advantage of this bike is one could start and run at 5th gear, I usually run on this gear and is enough to negotiate all uphill climb in amarkantak.The only thing you take care is start the engine at idle mode for 2 minutes which makes it heated up and ensures good fuel supply to ignition chamber.Driving in this last gear not only ensures.

  • Fuel efficiency

    The bajaj pulsar 150 is a remarkable blend of style and substance, A bike that stands out for its visual appeal and performance.With its sharp, Aggressive design and muscular tank, It exudes a sporty vibe that’s hard to miss.The 150cc engine is a powerhouse of efficiency, Offering a smooth and responsive ride that’s perfect for both the daily commute and spirited weekend jaunts.Riders have praised the pulsar n150 for its comfortable seating and reliable performance, Making it a great choice for families and solo riders alike1.It’s not just about the looks; the bike delivers a powerful performance with good pick-up in traffic, Ensuring a ride that’s as thrilling as it is dependable.When it comes to mileage, The pulsar n150 doesn’t disappoint, Offering a balance between fuel efficiency and power that’s ideal for the cost-conscious rider.With ratings suggesting an average of 45 to 50 kmpl, It’s a bike that promises to go the distance without frequent fuel stops.

  • Riding the Bajaj Pulsar 150 - A Mixed Bag

    Two years down the line with the Bajaj Pulsar 150, I had my fair share of highs and lows with this mid range performer. The 149 cc engine is robust, delivering a power of 14 PS which makes overtaking on highways a breeze. The mileage figure stands decently at around 50 km/l ,which is decent given the fluctuating fuel prices.However, despite its performance perks, the gear shifting is a bit clunky which can be a turnoff. Another downside for me has been the braking system which lacks the initial bite, although the bike is equipped with ABS.

  • Impressive engine performance

    It gives great confidence while riding and it gives great ride but the design is like old design. The engine and feeling of driving with this bike is really impressive and the comfort level of this bike is very good but the features is not good. The suspension is very good and is a very trusted bike from Bajaj and is a very great value for money bike with higly perfomer engine and the price is also good and is a great bike for me and the resale value of this bike is also very good.

  • it is an attraction magnet

    The Bajaj Pulsar 150 is a popular commuter motorcycle in India, known for its blend of performance, affordability, and features. The Pulsar 150 gets a 149.5cc engine. I claims a mileage of 47.5 kmpl . The Pulsar 150 offers a comfortable riding posture with a slightly raised handlebar, a cushioned seat. It can comfortably accommodate a rider and a pillion passenger. It lacks additional safety features like airbags or traction control that might be found in some bigger bikes .

  • Super machine

    It's around 2 yr's i owned this vehicle.I have traveled 27000 km upto now, Still i am not facing any problem in terms of engine beat or mileage.So in city i got 50-51 kmpl and high way 55-56 kmpl.Simply it is a super machine for daily use and long rides also.We can travel 150-200 km's without any problem.The only negative thing i have noticed low pickup at the speed of 60-70.Overall it is a very good machine to use in daily life.

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