Hyundai’s Kite EV Combines A Buggy And A Jet Ski

It won’t make it to production anytime soon


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  • It’s a doorless, roofless and windowless EV featuring a buggy and a jet ski mode.
  • Interiors consist of an interchangeable steering column and driver-controlled in-car tech.
  • Powered by four brushless motors in the buggy setup and a water-jet turbine in jet ski setup.

Ever wondered how radical you could get with a buggy? Well, Hyundai’s got something for you in the form of its Kite EV concept, which it showcased at Auto Expo 2020. Designed by Hyundai Design Centre Europe in collaboration with Turin-based design school Istituto Europeo di Design (IED), it debuted at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. 

The Kite is a doorless, windowless and roofless EV concept that is built on a monocoque chassis measuring 3,745mm in length, 2,235mm in width, and 1,455mm in height. However, the main highlight of the EV concept is its ability to convert into a jet ski. 

The interior features a futuristic cabin where the steering column can be shifted from left to right. What’s more, all of its in-car integration is done via the user’s mobile phone. Under the hood, it is powered by four brushless motors positioned inside the wheels for when it’s in the buggy setup and a water-jet turbine for its jet ski setup.

While this concept certainly blurs the boundaries between land and sea travel, it is unfortunately, a one-off concept and won’t make it into production anytime soon. Aside from this, Hyundai also featured the Le Fil Rouge concept, Grand i10 Nios Turbo, facelifted Tucson, 2020 Creta, as well as the i30N at this year’s expo.

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