2014 ET ZigWheels Awards Scooter of the year: TVS Scooty Zest

Automatic scooters are one of the largest selling two wheelers by volume in India these days, and so, there are quite a few models from each manufacturer as well. This fact is also evident in the list of our contenders for the Scooter of the Year Award

TVS Scooter Zest

The task for the ZigWheels jury was not an easy one - to choose the best among the best, and to crown it the ZigWheels Scooter of the Year. And to judge the best scooter, members of the ZigWheels jury got down to work, taking turns testing the scooters, rating them on parameters such as ride quality, engine performance, manoeuvrability and efficiency.

It wasn’t an easy task, because the contenders included the likes of Suzuki Let’s, Yamaha Alpha, Mahindra Gusto, TVS Scooty Zest and the very capable Honda Activa 125. So, which one is the best? To answer that question, we rated the scooters based on the criteria explained above, riding the scooters through tight corners, accelerating through straights, subjecting them to sudden braking manoeuvres and we even threw in a section of gravel road behind the race track paddock as a test for undulating semi-urban terrain.

In the end, one scooter outshone the competition and the jurors’ decision resulted in the new ZigWheels Scooter of the Year – the TVS Scooty Zest.

So, what makes the TVS Scooty Zest so special? What makes it better than the rest?


The Scooty Zest is a fine looking scooter. Yes, some may contend that its lines are a little feminine, but that’s acceptable, given that it was designed specifically for ladies in the first place. But take a second look and you’d warm up to its looks, and in fact, the Scooty Zest looks very good, whether there’s a woman or a man astride it.

Once astride the Scooty Zest, you begin to admire the scooter more. First thing you’ll notice is that the scooter is considerably lighter than the competition. At 97kg, the Zest makes for a light, nimble scooter. Lightweight means better power-to-weight ratio, so despite not having dollops of power, the scooter feels quick and very easy to manoeuver, even in tight spots.

Ride quality is impressive and the telescopic front suspension offers motorcycle-like confidence while tackling corners. Braking is taken care of by drum brakes, but the front – a 110mm drum – is smaller than the rear – a 130mm drum. But the brakes provide excellent braking and inspire confidence under hard braking.

Good looking, lightweight, quick and a great handler – almost all top marks for the Scooty Zest. But it’s also got one more trump card and that is efficiency and value for money. At Rs 42,300 ex-showroom Delhi, the TVS Scooty Zest offers a package of very good performance and value for money that’s just difficult to beat. And so, it is the ZigWheels Scooter of the Year!

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