In 5 Pics: Honda Shine 100 vs Hero Splendor Plus Differences Explained

  • Mar 15, 2023
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Honda’s newest commuter has the Splendor Plus locked in its crosshairs

In the world of affordable commuters, two names will invariably come up - ‘Splendor’ and ‘Honda’. Yes, we know one is a bike and the other is a manufacturer, but both are household brand names standing for trust and reliability. To beat Hero’s trump card, Splendor Plus, Honda is here with its most affordable bike in India - Shine 100, a new 100cc commuter. 

Here are the key differences between the two commuters:


With an aggressive introductory price tag of Rs 64,900, the Shine 100 is currently Rs 7,500 cheaper than the Splendor Plus, prices for which begin at Rs 72,420. That said, Honda offers the Shine 100 only in one variant. On the other hand, Hero’s Splendor Plus comes in multiple flavours, including one (Xtec) with even smartphone connectivity!

However, if you’re a value-conscious buyer, Hero MotoCorp offers the HF 100 at Rs 54,962 (all prices ex-showroom Mumbai). The HF 100 is the most affordable bike in the country and is almost Rs 10,000 cheaper than the Shine 100.


While both motorcycles are powered by fuel-injected, 100cc, single-cylinder engines, there are some subtle changes between the two. The most obvious is the construction - the Splendor Plus uses a sloper style engine, while the Honda goes with a conventional vertical setup. That said, Honda has given the Shine 100’s engine quite a few friction-reduction tech for better efficiency and smoothness; and more importantly, an external fuel pump for easier maintenance and service, smart!

The Shine’s 100cc mill makes 7.61PS and 8.05Nm and is paired to a four-speed gearbox. In comparison, the Hero Splendor Plus makes 8.02PS and 8.05Nm and is also paired to a four-speed gearbox.


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Both motorcycles are pretty spartan in their approach. They aim to serve the utility-driven customers, and hence barring the side-stand engine-kill function, it gets basic hardware like halogen headlights and twin pod analogue instrument cluster. However, like we’d mentioned earlier, Hero does offer the Splendor Plus with its i3S smart start stop technology in higher variants. In fact, the Splendor Plus Xtec gets a semi-digital cluster, USB charging and LED DRLs, in addition to the smartphone connectivity!   

Design & Colours:

Both are commuters and bring that modest design sensibility to the table as well. However, given that this is Honda’s foray into the 100cc segment after a considerable hiatus, it has chosen to give the Shine 100 the same styling as its 125cc sibling. This should work in Honda’s favour because unlike in the case of the Splendor Plus and Super Splendor, where the designs look distinguished, the Shine 100 is a small bike which looks like the bigger model. Even in terms of colours, Hero takes the cake as it offers the Splendor Plus in nine shades, as opposed to Honda which offers the Shine 100 in just five.  


The Shine ticks all the right boxes as far as the basics are concerned to take on the Splendor Plus. However, before it reaches for the king of the hill, it will have to outshine its own scooter sibling, the Honda Activa 6G. Hence, if the Shine 100 manages to outdo the Activa’s commercial success, it will be the first Honda geared bike to rival the iconic Hero Splendor Plus in sales. Honda, as a brand, may have the pull – and now the product – to push to customers in order to rival the iconic Splendor. But until it does so successfully, the Hero Splendor Plus continues to hold the title of India’s most popular bike. 

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