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Get genuine Hero Splendor Plus spare parts and accessories list. Find out offcial price list of different accessories & spare parts of Hero Splendor Plus which includes Leg Guard, Mudguard, Brake Shoe, Spark Plug, Headlight and other body parts.

Hero Splendor Plus Spare Parts Price List

Hero Splendor Plus Parts Authorised Dealer Price Extra GST 28% Total Price
Sticker Kit Rs. 352 Rs. 98 Rs. 450
Side View Mirror Rs. 100 Rs. 28 Rs. 128
Side Stand Rs. 120 Rs. 33 Rs. 153
Saree Guard Rs. 405 Rs. 113 Rs. 518
Leg Guard Rs. 540 Rs. 151 Rs. 691
Engine Guard Rs. 500 Rs. 140 Rs. 640
Winker Assembly Rs. 145 Rs. 40 Rs. 185
Visor Rs. 580 Rs. 162 Rs. 742
Tail Panel Rs. 626 Rs. 175 Rs. 801
Tail Light Cover Rs. 180 Rs. 50 Rs. 230
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Hero Splendor Plus User Reviews

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  • Driving experience

    Splendor plus driving experience is very good because this bike is best in this range and the mileage is good and bought friendly not expensive and the look of bike is very nice and the features are also good in this range finally this bike is bought friendly and good for all

  • First i would like to say

    First i would like to say if you are looking for best at good price then you are the right place 😀 as been experiencing since many years this bike witnessed me for choosing correct 💯 i never felt regret, Bike is soo standard and very well designed as compared to other luxurious bikes, The mileage the class the feel when you get while riding is extraordinary 😜 you might have tested this bike before some people know how the feel ws rather than this the most of the time i plan to purchase bike in future but even in future my taste will remain same 😁 as it was my first bike and still looks in new condition, However this worth considering as compared to others.

  • Recently purchased

    I recently purchased the hero splendor plus bike and have been quite impressed with its overall performance.The driving experience is smooth and comfortable, Especially for daily commute.The seat is well-padded and offers goo support, Making long rides enjoyable.In term of mileage, The bike is quite fuel-efficient and delivers a decent mileage of around 65-70km/l the pick-up is adequate for city rides, But it could be better in highways.The engine performance is reliable and has a good.

  • Ad been experiencing since

    I would like to say if you are looking for best at low or average price then you are at the right place 😀 as been experiencing since many years i never regret my decision purchase splendor+, Literally no other two-wheeler could give you this comfortable feel of driving also it has designed traditionally, Looks elegant and you feel to ride once you saw this bike, The mileage the standard the class and the style of design is everything found good and best as compared to other luxurious bikes, As my personal experience i still love to ride the same bike now and after, You may find this to be best once your trial is over and you will be ready to purchase because of its quality of attraction.

  • I recently acquired a bike

    I recently acquired a bike that has left me thoroughly impressed.Its performance is nothing short of amazing, And what sets it apart is the commendable average it delivers on petrol consumption.The fuel efficiency is a standout feature, Making it a cost-effective choice.The comfort level, Especially with its well-designed seat, Adds a significant layer to the overall riding experience.The bike's mid-sized build strikes a perfect balance, Offering maneuverability while maintaining a comfortable riding posture.

  • I remember the day I brought

    I remember the day i brought my hero splendor plus home like it was yesterday.It wasn't the flashiest bike on the showroom floor, But its practicality and affordability won me over.Here's my honest take on this no-nonsense commuter motorcycle after a good while of riding it.The buying process was smooth and hassle-free.The dealer was helpful, Explained the features clearly, And offered a fair price.The paperwork was straightforward, And i rode out happy with my new two-wheeler companion.This bike might not be a speed demon, But it gets me where i need to go comfortably and efficiently.The engine is smooth, The ride is balanced, And the suspension handles bumps and potholes with ease.It's nimble in traffic, Making filtering through slow-moving vehicles a breeze.The comfortable seat and upright riding position ensure fatigue-free rides, Even on longer commutes.Let's be honest, The splendour plus isn't a head-turner.It has a simple, Classic design that might seem basic to some.But i appreciate its clean lines and practical features like the chrome accents and the handy luggage carrier.It's not about flashy looks, It's about getting the job done, And it does that well.While it won't win any drag races, The splendour plus delivers what it promises - reliable, Fuel-efficient commuting.The engine is peppy enough for city traffic, And i'm consistently impressed by the mileage i get.It's easy to maneuver and light enough to handle effortlessly, Even for a beginner like me.This is where the splendour plus truly shines.Servicing is a breeze and doesn't burn a hole in your pocket.Spare parts are readily available and affordable, And the overall maintenance is minimal.It's a low-maintenance machine that won't leave you stranded.Fuel-efficient: this bike sips petrol, Making it perfect for budget-conscious riders.The ergonomics are good, And the seat is comfortable for both rider and pillion.Servicing is easy and affordable, Keeping costs down.It's a no-nonsense bike that starts every time and gets you where you need to go.The initial price and ongoing maintenance costs are easy on the wallet.It's not the most stylish bike on the road, But that's not its focus.Limited power: don't expect to win any speed races with this one.While comfortable for commutes, It might not be the best choice for long highway rides.The hero splendor plus is a fantastic commuter motorcycle for those who prioritize affordability, Reliability, And fuel efficiency.It's not fancy, But it gets the job done comfortably and cost-effectively.If you're looking for a practical and dependable companion for your daily rides, The splendour plus is worth considering.

  • 4.6
    I recently had the opportunity

    I recently had the opportunity to ride the splendor plus bike, And here's my firsthand experience.The driving experience was smooth and hassle-free, Thanks to its lightweight frame.Maneuvering through city traffic was a breeze, And it handled well on highways too.Comfort is undoubtedly a standout feature.The well-padded seat and upright riding posture made my journeys quite enjoyable.Whether navigating busy streets or cruising on open roads, The splendor plus provided a comfortable ride throughout.In terms of performance, The bike lived up to its reputation for fuel efficiency.The mileage was impressive, Making it an economical choice for daily commuting.The pickup was sufficient for city traffic, Ensuring a quick and responsive ride.The build quality is commendable, Showcasing durability.While the design is simple, It adds to the bike's charm.However, It may lack some of the advanced features found in more modern models.One of the best aspects for me was the fuel efficiency, Making it a practical option for regular commuting.On the downside, It might not have the flashy features that some riders seek in higher-end models.Hero motocorp's extensive service network ensures good after-sales support.Spare parts are readily available, And the overall service experience adds to the bike's appeal.To sum it up, My experience with the splendor plus was positive.It's a reliable and efficient choice for daily commuting, Offering a comfortable ride and impressive fuel efficiency.While it may not be the flashiest bike on the market, Its simplicity and dependable performance make it a practical and popular option.

  • 4.2
    Hero splendor

    The hero splendor plus is budget friendly and fabulous bike to use for middle class people.I have good driving experience of this bike and yes, This is a comfortable vehicle for medium to long distances.It is very comfortable in driving than other bikes of same price range.Best thing about hero splendor plus is it's mileage, Performance and stability.This bike is easy to use and easy to handle.Worst part about this bike is it's look, It's look is so normal and old fashioned not like new sports bike.Mileage of hero splendor plus is about 60-70 km as of my experience.Build quality of this bike is superb means you can load weight of 300 kg and above and still nothing happen to this bike and long lasting for so many years.I purchased this bike in 2012 and it is still in a good condition and i am using it.This bike has efficient shock absorber and because of them we don't feel high vibrations while riding on it.It's maximum speed is 140kmphvand it's pick up is also good.After sales service of hero is quite good on splendor plus means you are always welcomed in their showroom and they hear your problem and provide best solution available that time.Excessive production and sales of this bike give an upper hand to its users because spare parts of this bike available always and everywhere in country.Overall my experience about this bike is superb and i advise all of you to purchase this bike if you need any bike in this price range.

  • 5.0
    Engine performance

    **driving experience:** the driving experience of this vehicle is simply exhilarating.Whether navigating city streets or cruising on the highway, It offers a smooth ride with responsive handling.**mileage:** i've been impressed with the mileage efficiency of this car.It delivers great fuel economy, Helping me save on gas expenses without compromising on performance.**pickup:** the pickup of this vehicle is commendable.It accelerates swiftly, Making overtaking and merging effortless, Even with a full load.**service cost:** maintaining this car has been surprisingly affordable.The service costs are reasonable, And routine maintenance is hassle-free.**engine performance:** the engine performance is top-notch.It delivers power on demand, Ensuring a spirited drive while remaining fuel-efficient.**build quality:** the build quality of this vehicle is exceptional.From the sturdy frame to the premium interior materials, It exudes durability and refinement, Providing a sense of security on the road.Overall, This car offers a delightful driving experience with impressive mileage, Excellent pickup, Reasonable service costs, Outstanding engine performance, And superior build quality.Highly recommended for anyone seeking a reliable and enjoyable ride.!.

  • 3.8
    Feels durable

    I recently purchased the hero splendor plus bike and have been quite impressed with its overall performance.The driving experience is smooth and comfortable, Especially for daily commutes.The seat is well-padded and offers good support, Making long rides enjoyable.In terms of mileage, The bike is quite fuel-efficient and delivers a decent mileage of around 65-70 km/l.The pickup is adequate for city rides, But it could be better on highways.The engine performance is reliable and has a good balance of power and efficiency.The build quality of the bike is sturdy and feels durable.I have not experienced any major vibrations while riding, Which adds to the overall comfort level.The features on the bike are basic but functional, Including a clear instrument cluster and decent headlight visibility.The after-sale service provided by hero has been satisfactory so far.The service costs are reasonable, And the staff is courteous and knowledgeable.Overall, The hero splendor plus is a reliable and affordable bike that offers good value for money.It may not have all the bells and whistles of higher-end bikes, But it gets the job done efficiently.I would recommend it to anyone looking for a dependable commuter bike with good mileage and performance.

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Recently Asked User Questions and Answers

Q. What is the max power of Hero Splendor Plus?
  • The Hero Splendor Plus is powered by a 97.2cc air-cooled, 4-stroke single-cylinder engine. This engine is capable of producing a maximum power output of around 8.36 bhp at 8,000 rpm and a peak torque of 8.05 Nm at 6,000 rpm. These power figures may vary slightly depending on the specific variant of the Splendor Plus.
  • The max power of Hero Splendor Plus is 8.02 PS @ 8000 rpm.
Q. What is the wheel base of Hero Splendor Plus?
  • The Hero Splendor Plus has a wheelbase of 1.236 mm.
Q. What is the emission type of Hero Splendor Plus?
  • The Hero Splendor Plus has an emission type of BS6-2.0.
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