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Hero Splendor Plus
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Hero Splendor Plus User Reviews

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  • Overall, the owne experience

    Overall, The experience has been good, Things could have gone a whole lot worse than it did.And the mt hasn’t let me down yet.

  • Good to drive and have good

    Good to drive and have good mileage as well and can be managed in low budget too

  • I'll drive this bike and

    Yes ofcourse i've driven splendor plus bike and very honestly, It's a very good and fabulous experience.Even my friend is also dirven my splendor bike and say.Bro it's such a wonderful bike.

  • Hero splendor

    I am using hero splendor plus bike mileage awasom approx 60to65kmpl mantinanace very good for middle class person

  • It is the best bike in whole

    It is the best bike in whole world.Milage looks and strong body parts it's great to every one.

  • Good Bike

    In a nutshell, the Hero Passion Pro in its striking black and red color combination boasts an eye-catching and sporty design. With a 110cc engine, it delivers decent performance suitable for daily commuting and short rides, excelling in fuel efficiency. The bike offers a comfortable and nimble riding experience, though the drum brake system may require caution. While not loaded with advanced features, it provides essential information through its functional instrument cluster and features an electric starter for added convenience. Priced competitively, it offers good value for those looking for a reliable and efficient commuter bike with an attractive design.

  • Awesome Bike

    The Hero Passion Pro in black and red is visually striking with a sporty and youthful design. It's ideal for daily commuting and short rides with its smooth 110cc engine. While it's not built for high-speed performance, it excels in fuel efficiency. The bike offers a comfortable and nimble ride, though its drum brake system may require caution. It features a basic instrument cluster and an electric starter for convenience. With competitive pricing, the Passion Pro delivers good value for those seeking a reliable and efficient commuter bike with an attractive design.

  • Great Bike

    The Hero Splendor Plus is a popular and fuel-efficient motorcycle in India. It can reach up to 80 kmpl, making it highly fuel-efficient. Equipped with practical features like electric start, low fuel indicator, side-stand indicator, and pass switch, it's convenient and safe. Powered by a 97.2 cc single-cylinder engine, it offers adequate performance for daily commuting with a top speed of up to 87 kmph. The Splendor Plus has a comfortable seating position, good ride quality, and suitable ground clearance for rough roads. Overall, it's an excellent choice for affordable and reliable daily commuting in India.

  • Hero Splendor Plus Timeless Elegance

    My estimation for the Splendor Plus model has been completely obtained. This fabulous commuter motorbike continues the fabulous Splendor rubric, which is why I detect myself attracted to it. hero has maintained the Classic and active 2 Wheeler. It makes an jolt with its dateless 2 Wheeler, rider friendly features, and useful qualification for a reliable Engine. For those appearing for a traditional and useful commuter motorbike, this model is a clear fave due to its surprising capability to give dateless goddess. Your future is being financed by this bike. It is a fashionable, fuel-efficient motorbike that will continue to keep its value over time.

  • Known for its practicality and versatility

    Known for its practicality and versatility, the Hero Splendor Plus is an extravagant two wheeler model that is the best friend of an enthusiastic driver and helps it keep smooth and comfortable on road drives. I think its quite budget-friendly. This scooter relies on great power generation which owes to a better and safer journeys en route. It also provides a good mileage. The price range is absolutely affordable and is totally money worth it. The maintenance is good and is very easy to handle. The overall weight of the scooter is not heavy enough to cause a problem while driving around the city.


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