Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)

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  • October 19, 2011
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Dynamic Stability Control or DSC is BMW's version of a traction control system which uses a host of vehicle feedback from sensors to ensure that the driver of the BMW does not lose control of the vehicle. Read on to know how DSC works


Every modern BMW comes with sensors that monitor the road speed and matches it to the speed of each individual wheel while monitoring steering angle, lateral acceleration and brake pressure and yaw angle (which is the vehicle’s tendency to rotate around its axis) to the vehicle’s on-board computer where the Dynamic Stability Control system predicts the next state of movement of the vehicle. 


If the vehicle’s Dynamic Stability Control system detects that the vehicle is going to lose its composure it applies the brakes on the wheel/s (without the driver having to hit the brake pedal) which have the potential of losing traction or is/are already losing traction. 




2012 BMW 3 Series





At the same time it shifts the engine’s power to the wheel that has traction in order to ensure that the vehicle continues to move in the direction in which the driver wants it to go. The only thing the driver of the BMW has to do is turn the steering in the direction in which he/she wants the vehicle to go. The DSC system will sort out the braking and acceleration of each individual wheel and makes sure that no wheel locks up under braking or spins with excess power so as to ensure that the driver does not lose control of the vehicle and stays on the road. 



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