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Kia Seltos
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Must Read Questions & Answers Before Buying Seltos

Q. Which car offers more comfortable driving, Carens or Seltos?
  • The Seltos continues to impress with added standard safety and claimed better ride quality. It is a vehicle you can’t go wrong with. Because of its high wow factor, it attracts a lot of attention. More importantly, it backs it up with a solid and sensible personality too. The Carens, On the other hand, immediately comes across as a no-nonsense, practical all-rounder with the right pricing to make it a proper disruptor. It’s when you want these qualities combined with better interior quality, more features, a stronger safety package and more sophisticated drive options, that you should consider the Carens. Moreover, we would suggest you to take a test drive for a better understanding of performance and comfort. Click on the link and select your desired brand and city for dealership details.
Q. Does HTE variant of Kia Seltos have tilt steering?
  • Kia Seltos HTE variants feature Electric Steering Type and Tilt Steering Column.
Q. HTK Plus got how many inches infotainment screen?
  • HTK Plus variant of Kia Seltos features an 8 inches touchscreen infotainment system.
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Q. Which is the best variant to buy in Kia Seltos?
  • I own a 2021 Kia Seltos 1.4TGDI DCT model. In terms of performance it's one of the best I have driven. On open roads it can easily beat the likes of Innova, Fortuner and all big guys with its sheer speed and Dual clutch just makes you zoom past other cars while they figure to get the car in right gear. Power is in its dual clutch and turbo engine. The Dual clutch is the best, it's like someone is choosing the right gear for you constantly. Features wise one of the best and the 360 camera quality is on par with high end cars. I have not driven the diesel automatic on highway but it will not be as quick as the 1.4TGDI especially with torque converter. If you enjoy driving a good car this is the best you can get, the top end petrol variant. Mileage average I got is 13kmpl with half aggressive highway and half on eco mode in city combined. I will take that anyday with the performance the car is giving. I went for top end petrol because of its performance and dual clutch which I know is drivers best friend. I didn't choose diesel because the same engine is being offered from base variant of Sonet and all the way upto top end Seltos. There is no value for money in the top variant for diesel. You can get the same engine for much less cost.
  • Value for money buys1) basic variants HTE, both petrol & Diesel.2) mid variants HTK plus both petrol & Diesel.3) top variants HTX both petrol & Diesel.4) The top most variants HTX plus & GTX plus, both petrol & Diesel are the best, but not value for money.
  • Agreed all are in one or another single value for money even the highest model don't cross luxury limit to pay the tax for it watch out for long term review luster gone in many Chinese parts and the Corona the future of Kia???
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Q. Is there any waiting period for Kia Seltos?
  • There is no waiting period for kia seltos. It is readily available. My friend who bought selos delivery was given in 2 days. There is sharp fall in sales of seltos. They make people fool like our earlier customer order got cancel hence we are offering you this car immediately and all. So no more charm for seltos in market. Pay and get the car. Still there is ni discount. By march car will b ready and at discount will b available.
  • There is no waiting period for car. One of my friend bought the car and delivery was given in 2 days. There is sharp fall in sales of seltos. Dealers make people fool by saying earlier order got canceled and all. However there is now no charm for seltos. And wat i predict is by march it would b cash and carry with discounts.
  • I have booked Seltos Diesel on 10th September 2021, in Mumbai and almost after six months the car is not delivered. The reasons are given as the particular model is not manufactured yet. The other showrooms are calling and stating that we have the model ready but it has accessories worth 1.25 lac installed. Just wondering, are they selling accessories or finding alternate ways of selling cars to other customers?
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Q. Does changing Kia Seltos HTK+ headlights to LED will affect the warrant?
  • Yes, if it's done outside, but doing it in Kia authorized service center will not affect warranty, but again it's very expensive, around ₹40,000.
  • I have replaced the projector head lamp with LED at Kia dealer for 7500/- six months before for my HTK plus D AT.
  • Company saying that there will be no extra fitting from there centre
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Seltos Questions and Answers

Kia Seltos User Reviews

  • Seltos
    The Best SUV's 

    Kia has tuned the suspension of the seltos perfectly for city use and it is only the really bad pot-holes which filter through the cabin.The steering offers decent feedback for daily use.The suv remains stable on the highways and has minimal body-roll.Speaking about the performance, The turbo-lag is well controlled.The turbo petrol offers enthusiastic performance and feels eager.

    Ayank 3 days ago
  • Seltos
    Drive mode 

    I had a very good experience in various drive modes it had a better mileage in highways upto 17 kmpl and in cities i got 12 avg kmpl it have a solid build like bmw

    Jeyakanth 5 days ago
  • Seltos
    Seltos is such a nice car 

    Seltos is such a nice car to drive.But the suspension is little harder.

    Optimist 2 weeks ago
  • Seltos
    Driving experience 

    The driving experience was really awesome the engine is very smooth.The comfort is next level.Excellent pickup.Super power and braking.Absoulutely a perfect car.

    Rishikesh 2 weeks ago
  • Seltos
    After driving a diesel duster 

    After driving a diesel duster awd for about 3 years, Shifted to kia seltos petrol automatic.I miss the power of diesel but this is a peaceful engine with reasonably good power.

    Rajagopal 4 weeks ago

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