Rs. 1.81 - 1.83 lakh
Ex-showroom Price, Delhi
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Royal Enfield Himalayan Overview

Royal Enfield Himalayan is a sports bike launched at a base price of Rs. 1.81 lakh in March 2016 by Royal Enfield in India. Himalayan is powered by 411cc engine claiming mileage of 29.48kmpl. Himalayan has a single cylinder, 4 stroke, air cooled, sohc engine and a 5 speed gear box. Royal Enfield Himalayan comes with disc breaks in front and rear with a support of ABS. It is available in 2 variants and 3 colours.

Himalayan Specifications

It features the all-new 411cc single-cylinder engine that offers 24.8PS at 6500rpm and 32Nm of torque at 4350rpm. The bike also comes with fuel injection to make it BS-IV compliant. For the first time, Royal Enfield has introduced a bike with monoshock rear suspension with the Himalayan. It also offers 220mm of ground clearance to ensure a smooth ride in the most difficult of terrains. The bike gets large spoked wheels, 19-inchers at the front, and shod with dual-purpose tyres to make it competent to ride over rough terrains. Braking is done by disc brakes on both ends while ABS has been given a miss to keep cost low.

Himalayan Features

The Himalayan has to be the standout bike in Royal Enfield’s portfolio given its adventure tourer nature. The overall styling is minimalist and rugged, which makes it an enticingly styled bike. The seats have been designed in a way to ensure maximum comfort during long rides while keeping the saddle height low. The instrument cluster is loaded right from the obvious speedometer, tachometer and fuel gauge to a clock, temperature gauge and a compass as well. Also, there are brackets next to the fuel tank for you to carry jerry cans for fuel while riding over uncharted territories.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Competitors

Mahindra Mojo: While it is unfair to compare other bikes with the Himalayan, considering that it is the first adventure touring bike at this price range, the Mahindra Mojo comes the closest to being considered an actual competitor. It offers good power and cruises smoothly on the highway, unlike the Himalayan that feels out of its element there.


Royal Enfield Himalayan Price

The price of Royal Enfield Himalayan starts at Rs. 1.81 lakh and goes upto Rs. 1.83 lakh. Royal Enfield Himalayan is offered in 2 variants - ABS and the top variant Himalayan Sleet which comes at a price tag of Rs. 1.83 lakh.

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Royal Enfield Himalayan Variants Price List

Himalayan ABS
411 cc | 29.48 kmpl
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Himalayan Sleet
411 cc | 29.48 kmpl
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Editor's View of Royal Enfield Himalayan

  • Upside

    Off-road capability, Refined vibration-free engine, Balanced Chassis

  • Downside

    Quality of components, No ABS

  • Our Verdict

    Those who are looking for a no-nonsense, capable off-road tourer will find the Himalayan extremely appealing. The Royal Enfield community and the availability of a host of exclusive accessories lets you equip yourself to tread the off-beaten path efficiently.

Himalayan Detailed Review

Must Read Questions & Answers Before Buying Himalayan

Q. Will Himalayan BS6 launch?
  • Its mentioned in few articles online that RE is in their final stages of BS6 testing. But i couldn't find info on which models will have BS6. Hopefully they are working on all models. We can expect RE to launch BS6 Motorcycles on or before the deadline set by Indian government which is April 1 2020. Also note that we are skipping BS5 the standard between BS4 & BS6 is quiet high, so there may be a grace period or extension of deadline.
  • Surely its going to come. But as of now its not certain when will it be on offer. But probably royal enfield is on its way to mark its presence on the middle segment adventure tourers!
  • No it ll launch in this month only bookings started already. dealer said it ll launch on 16th jan and their preparation is done already with the bike
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Q. What is maintenance cost for Himalayan
  • I would like to answer your question from a different perspective wherein I would like to ask you instead that what amount do you think will be ok to you? My intention is to point out that the better you want to keep your machine, the more you have to spend. Simple & logical.
  • The main difference from a free to paid service is the coupon for ₹750, this adds onto your paid service later on and just with changing a few minor parts such as brake pads my paid service has never crossed ₹3500.
  • Maintenance cost is very low , you just need to l**e your chain after every 500 kms which almost cost 300rs and keep servicing after every 5000 kms which cost Around 1100 rupees . That's it.
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Q. We want to choose between Interceptor and Himalayan, which is better. Have issue of back pain.
  • I own both the Himalayan and the Interceptor and I can definitely say with authority that with the himalayan you wont have a back pain. Ride is more comfortable due to the seating posture and the seat itself. Same goes for the pillion rider as well. What you will get is a solid freaking headache considering the Himalayan has so many other issues that you get fed up spending most of your time in RE service centers. I own a BS3 model. So I hope the later models have these issues sorted. Interceptor on the hand was built for a different purpose and tall riders (5 foot 9 and above) will have problems with their back. This is because of the seating posture. But there are work arounds to this. its a great bike and is open to customization unlike the Himalayan.
  • I can vouch for the comfort that Himalayan has to offer since I have taken it to places where most other bikes would just give up. Even on tarmac the soft sprung suspension of the Himalayan is much more comfortable than the Interceptor. However, the thrill that you experience riding the Interceptor is a whole new experience . Take a test ride of both & decide for yourself . Or just wait for a few months as RE should be launching the Himalayan 650 by the end of this year & that would surely be one hell of a machine.
  • I have Interceptor, when I Test Drove Himalayan, I felt has a better riding posture & comfort, seats are best. Interceptor is for those who love the mean machines for sheer power & pickup above 90Kmph, you will get a great tremendous performance. Interceptor is a highway performer and on some rough roads. I believe Himalayan is a great package as all rounder for that price. Latest BS-4 is of great build quality. If you want a best comfort in a bike and not looking for more speed greater than 90 Kmph smoothly, then Himalayan is great. Interceptor is a blend of power & performance and a heavy weight sports champion. My suggestion is for your height, stature and your body build, you need to take a sincere unbiased test drive of both of these on a longer ride, forget the others reviews on the internet when you do a test drive and buy which suits you well, keeping in mind what exactly you want. That will give you peace of mind.
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Q. Should I choose between the Himalayan or XPulse I am adventure lover.
  • If you’re someone who wants to get into off-road and trail riding, the XPulse 200 just makes a lot of sense on paper. Especially, for the fact that it is inherently light and is really affordable. However, if you’re someone who finds the Hero offering a bit tame for your liking and don’t mind spending the extra money, the Himalayan won’t disappoint you.You may check out our dedicated article in order to clear your all doubts.
Q. Any issues or complaint with the BSVI varient - Himalayan?
  • Purchased it on 7th feb from amba motors in vadodara and rpm was set very high when delivered and engine stopping frequently when clutch applied during downshifting. Took it to the service center of dealer and the mechanic saw that rpm showing on instrument cluster was around 1200 but in his diagnostic tool it indicated around 1800 at idle. He changed it to actual 1200 (fluctuates a bit) and it solved the engine stopping problem 80% but still stops sometimes randomly. 1st service was due after few days so told him about the same and mechanic suggested to wait and the problem should iron out by itself and in my 2 interactions with him (name maharaj) he sounded like someone who knows what he is saying and doing so I trusted him and took it back. He suggested that the bs6 engine requires to apply the choke in the morning after starting and leave it in idle for few seconds before riding which I followed and I would say the stopping problem is 90-95% resolved but not happy since it is risky as the YouTube guy says. Clocked 1000kms now but hoping to wait another month to see if it completely goes away or not before going to service station to adjust rpm further which I believe is behind the engine stopping issue Apart from that, heating issue even in feb so one can imagine what will happen in may. Even with the oil cooler shit it heats more than my Thunderbird twinspark even in short distancesThird thing is a tick tick sound after stopping which I have also come across in newer generation scooters that have a highly refined engine unlike RE so I wouldn't bother about it. That sound goes away after a minute of stoppingIn terms of riding, its good otherwise but I get a feeling that bs4 was better than bs6
  • Got delivery of my new Himalayan bs6 variant recently and later noticed that the rear wheel was completely displaced towards left. It is hampering the balance of the bike and is also makes the bike look ugly. Rpm fluctuates a lot and engine stops occasionally while riding. Engine heats quickly. I hope this problem goes away after servicing. Few nuts are also missing, only bolts are placed. Did not expect manufacturing negligence from RE team, or may be I was unlucky to get a defective product.
  • कोई खास शिकायत तो नही है,टॉर्क तो पर्याप्‍त है लेकिन कभी कभी पावर की कमी महसूस होती है।यदि इसमे लिक्विड कूलिंग सिस्‍टम मिल जाये तो इससे इसमे चार चांद लग जायेंगें।
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Royal Enfield Himalayan Mileage

ARAI Claimed 29.48 kmpl
User Reported 25 kmpl

Royal Enfield Himalayan User Reviews

4.2 /5
297 Rating & 100 reviews
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  • 5.0

    Have not been regular with riding last two years as I have been out of home due work. But the rides I have done has been issueless. Apart from weekend rides, I have made a trip to Leh, transporting my bike from Calcutta to Chandigarh by road, and same way back, riding the rest. It's a bike which I found very stable on the worst of roads. No issues anywhere, as compared to the many problems with my partners. But what I understand, and what I believe is, biking or even driving, needs a finesse which most of the experienced riders/drivers lack. If you live your bike or car, which all men do, then show the love not by cleaning and polishing it everyday, but by riding or driving technically in the correct manner. Keep the machine healthy from inside, and your vehicle will never let you down. We started from Leh, back to Manali, no petrol pump for the next 300 KMS. By evening, all were sweating, their fuel indicators not even moving and stuck at the E symbol, and yet to reach the next petrol pump another about 30 KMS, the first one since we started. It was only me who was laughing on all, as my tank still indicated half tank. All opened the tank to check levels, had their theories of wrong indication. But at the pump, my bike actually took petrol just more than half to to up. All during the ride I had tried to tell everyone about riding correctly, technically, understand the engine limitations, follow the recommended procedures and not apply self created theories, to which no one listened, but the last return paid off my tips, at least to me, and set the example for my friends. I love my bike, the Himalayan, though people have their grudges about it. I do agree though, the quality of the materials used to make the bike could have been better, but again to keep such a competitive price for such a machine must have been a challenge for the company.

  • 3.8

    good bike for touring.average is decent.however RE needs to work on many things for improving the1overall riding experience,noted some of them as below,seating posture,vehicle is heating too much in traffic standing positions,more information to be provided on display,especially when bike is designed1for touring GPS, Bluetooth, call taking facility, sms reader etc can be added,mobile charging facility to1be added,one more gear also can be added, rear mirrors are too small,seats of the bike are very1bad.I have changed the same,also no custom designed accessories are not readily available in your1showroom,your workshop mechanics are not able to handle the technicality of the bike,very bad service at1RE workshop,look into the same,but let me tell you with all the upgrades done by me the bike is1fantastic,good torque, smooth engine, no vibration, road stability, heavy running capacity...

  • 1.4

    My RE Himalayan"s mileage is 12kmpl and max speed is around 100km/h .Don't buy as there is no power or mileage max speed is 95-100km/h, above 95km/h the vehicle gets too much vibration which we cant handle. Problems of bike is the following 1.Low Mileage 12kmpl, 2.Top Speed90-100km/h, 3.Air vent in the petrol tank had problem,so during rain every time water gets into the tank. From the first service i have been reporting this to the RE showroom staff & each time they would say by next service it will be OK . No mileage or NO Top speed also no proper service . I gave complaints and the reply was "just take to showroom you have purchased". So as they i took to the RE Showroom service and i told the problems but they did nothing. Also they won't write down every problems we say to list down in the service chart, they just write 3 or 4 things only Why should you buy a bike giving 100km/h max speed with 12kmpl mileage costing near 2 lakhs .

  • 5.0

    Best adventure touring bike below 2 L in India. Mine is 2018 non ABS version of snow white and I've covered over 15 k km with my Himalayan. Off road ride is like whole another level of awesomeness with this bike. During the free service period each service costs around only 1000 rs. Ease of handling in city is too good. I get mileage of 36-40 in highways and 30-35 in city + highways and around 28 in city use. I'm 6 feet tall and its sitting posture is very good. Standing and riding is too easy if you want to stretch your legs. Note : If you are not getting above 30 mileage then check these things regularly- 1. Tyre pressure.2. Use clutch only when needed.3. Do not accelerate like a racing bike. It's not. Its's a RE bike.4. Best speed range for Himalayan is 60-80 km/hr.

  • 3.0

    I Bought the BS4 Himalayan ABS three months ago. I usually do 25km ride daily. The bike started showing problems just after one month of purchase. The head assembly was changed due to Engine noise problem. Fuel Blockage issues started after that and still not solved even after taking the bike to the service center for more than six times. The Fuel meter is not 100% reliable. The clutch, gear Box assembly, Engine needs a lot of refinement. The Himalayan is a motorcycle with large potential in its segment, but reliability is poor. Note: If someone wants to buy the upcoming BS6 model, I suggest them to wait for an year after the launch of the bike, just to ensure if the bike shows any problems.

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  • 4.2

    Satisfied with the himalayan even though it requires more power on offer

  • 3.4

    Be patient for the first 2000 kms since that is the breakin period. I would recommend you change the engine oil to Motul 5100 semi synthetic around 2000 kms, this will reduce vibrations drastically and increase your mileage. I get an average of around 35 on the highway and 25 in the city post the oil change. If you are thinking of buying for performance than please don't buy this bike since it will get you to 80 quickly and fizzle out by 100. My height is 185 cms and this bike is not comfortable for my height but it is better than any other bike in this segment. Rest everything is great.

  • 4.6

    Satisfied with the motercycle in every aspect. Just I felt a lack of power in long highways motercycle was not going that far which I wanted. Could be 650 is the solution but I will love RE if they ride me a 650 Himalayan.😎

  • 4.2

    I mostly ride it in the city and sometimes i take it for short rides lik 200 to 400 kms its a nice bike in its range .

  • 4.2

    Service centers are not well equipped or have enough expertise to maintain Himalayan

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