Tyre care tips for summer

Imagine if you walked bare feet on a tarmac on a hot summer day. You will feel your legs are on the verge of melting. Your car tyre needs as much care during summer

Tyres are the most neglected part of a vehicle. The way you treat your tyres not only varies its durability but also influences your car balance, the steering sensitivity, the power you receive when you hit the pedal, the mileage and more. The tyres are the actual point of contact that connects the car to the road, they carry the weight of the car, absorb obstacles on the road and hence it is extremely essential to maintain the tyres as a priority. 


Check your Tyre Pressure
Heat can take as much of a toll on your tyre as it can on you. Rubber and air expands and contracts depending on the heat.  The tyre pressure is under constant change in the summers, when you drive, the shoes of your vehicle get heated and the air pressure in it increases and vice-versa when the car is standing still. Over-inflation can cause excessive wear and tear to the treads and in extreme cases it can also cause the tyre to burst. The key is to check pressures on a weekly basis or every time you refuel. You can also pour some water on the rubber to cool it down. Parking your car in the shade can also make a lot of difference.




Keep a constant check on your tyre pressure during summer




Air is faster to expand than Nitrogen. Replacing the air in tyres with nitrogen can save you a lot of effort of repeatedly checking your tyre pressure. Note that this does not mean total ignorance towards the tyres.


Tyre Valves
Ensure that the valves are in proper shape and the cap that covers the valve is fitted appropriately. The valve cap eludes the question of air leakage from the tip of the valve.


Spare Tyre
Imagine a situation when your tyre is punctured and the spare is not up to the mark as well. It can be tedious to run around finding a tyre shop. Make sure you check all the above things in your spare tyre as well. It is equally important.


Tyre Check
Check your tyres just before the summer for cracks. You can check the tyre wear by inserting a coin between treads to check its depth. If one-fourth of your coin is not between treads, then it’s time to change your rubber. Replace them if you think they are worn out.


Keeping your tyres in shape is as important as keeping your shoes intact. So have you checked your tyres already?

NOTE: Tyre pressure gauges at public outlets can be inaccurate. Hence, it is advisable to keep your own personal tyre guage handy.


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