Maintaining your car's rubber components

Rubber is a very flexible material. Different manufacturing methods produce rubber products which vary in strength, tangibility and toughness. However the end product may be used, rubber parts on a car require care, as they are exposed to a lot every day. Here are some tips to keep them clean and good as new


Taking care of car exterior rubber

The most obvious rubber components in a car are the tyres, but there are other rubber parts too, like the door linings, parts of the running boards, the gear lever boot, axle boots etc. These parts react to changes in weather conditions, dust and atmospheric contaminants, and if not maintained properly can develop ugly cracks, or even come undone from the body panels.



Rubber reacts to contaminants on its surface. A regular simple wash or a complete wash (using detergent free shampoos) can be used to remove them. Leaving the rubber untended after a wash though is not advisable. The soap content in the wash can also make the rubber dry. If the rubber becomes too dry, it begins to crack, which can greatly reduce the usable life of a rubber product. Rubber protectant fluids should be used. They prevent UV rays from affecting the rubber, repel dust, soiling and stains and conditions the rubber part so that it does not dry up. A rub of this solution using a soft cloth after washing your car would be enough.

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