The Greener Vespas Will Finally Arrive Next Month

Post their launch late last year, the Vespa BS6 range will arrive at dealerships in June

Though the Vespa and Aprilia BS6 scooter lineup was ‘launched’ back in December last year, you probably haven’t seen any of them on the roads yet. That’s partly because we’re under lockdown, so you shouldn’t be seeing anything on the roads right now, and also partly because the scooters haven’t yet reached dealerships.

The ongoing COVID-19 scenario has obviously thrown a spanner in the works, but with the situation gradually easing, Piaggio is now confident that the greener Vespa scooters will reach dealerships next month, with deliveries beginning soon thereafter. Various dealerships had already begun accepting bookings for the BS6-compliant range back in December itself, so this news will be music to the ears of dealers and expectant customers alike.

Vespa has offerings in the 125cc and 150cc displacement ranges, and both engine platforms have now received fuel-injection. As a result, prices have gone up by a staggering amount: between Rs 17,000 and 19,000! The most affordable Vespa, the Urban Club 125, has jumped up in price from Rs 73,288 to a monstrous Rs 91,492, while the most expensive model is the VXL 150 Elegante at an eye-watering Rs 1,31,374.

Official specs haven’t been revealed yet, but our dealer sources say that the motors have retained their output. We’re not so certain though, as we think there could be a small drop in power and torque as a result of having to adhere to the stricter emission norms. With the scooters reaching dealerships soon, all will be revealed very shortly.

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