TVS Creon: The Radical Electric Scooter That India Needs?

What has happened of TVS’ electric scooter concept?

[TVS has launched its iQube Electric scooter in India. Know prices and more details here.]

Electric mobility is the trending topic of 2019. So, the time is ripe for TVS to launch a production-ready version of the Creon concept, isn't it? Let’s refresh your memories of TVS’ electric scooter concept shown at the Auto Expo 2018.

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We were pleasantly surprised with the Creon at the Expo as TVS had launched the NTorq 125 a couple of days before the event. Both the NTorq 125 and the Creon looked sporty, with the latter bearing a vague resemblance to the Italjet Dragster. It wasn’t as outlandish as the Dragster but it still had its fair share of design eccentricities that would divide opinion.

TVS used an aluminium twin spar beam frame as the backbone of the Creon. This is unlike traditional scooters, which use an underbone chassis. The reason why TVS adopted the twin beam structure is because it allowed the batteries to be packaged within the two beams. This means the weight is centralised which leads to better ride dynamics.

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There wasn’t much information on the motor and its capabilities. It was a 16PS unit that managed to go from naught to sixty in 5.1 seconds. To put things into perspective, the NTorq 125 was slower in the same acceleration test and so are larger motorcycles such as the Suzuki Gixxer, Yamaha FZ-S Fi and the Honda CB Hornet 160R. The claimed range figure of 80km does not help your range anxiety issue.

One look at the Creon’s console and you would think it is the same unit as the NTorq 125. However, the dash was a full-colour TFT unit with loads of connected tech onboard. This tech was specially developed in conjunction with Intel who were brought on as partners on the project.

Will the Creon come to fruition? Years before this mad concept, an electric TVS Jupiter was spotted in Bengaluru but we haven’t seen anything serious on that front yet. However, TVS has heavily invested in Ultraviolette Automotive, a Bengaluru-based electric startup, which is doing some real cutting-edge work in the field. We got a taste of Ultraviolette’s F77 at the MMRT, and we have to say it was highly promising.

TVS might have learnt a thing or two from the above exercises. Hence, one could expect an electric scooter from the brand in the near future. Will it look as radical as the Creon or will TVS opt to go for a more practical solution and take on the Bajaj Chetak? Only time will tell. However, we might have to wait a little longer than the Auto Expo 2020 as TVS is expected to be absent from this edition.

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