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X Electric Scooter Running Cost

Monthly Charging Cost Rs. 540
Daily Charging Cost Rs. 18
Per KM Charging Cost Rs. 0.36

The X Electric Scooter has a running cost of Rs. 0.36 per kilometer. Additionally, the monthly charging cost for the X Electric Scooter is Rs. 540. This cost is calculated based on charging the vehicle at a rate of 6.5/ units of electricity and assuming a daily run of 50 kilometers.

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80 km
Battery Capacity
4.44 kwh
Electricity Price
Total Running Cost
Rs 0.36/kilometer

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TVS X Expert Reviews

TVS X Electric Scooter Review: Looks Like Thunder, Rides Like Lightning

An electric scooter that looks good, is fun and exciting, but what else?

Oct 30, 2023
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TVS X User Reviews

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  • TVS X Electric Electrify Your Ride

    Experience the future of commuting with the TVS X Electric. This electric mobility solution is tailored for riders who Greet innovation and Eco-friendliness in their daily rides. Riding the X Electric is like entering a new era of clean and efficient commuting a vehicle that not only eliminates emissions but also offers a smooth and silent ride. With its electric brilliance, smart features, and eco-friendly design, the TVS X Electric is the perfect choice for riders who want to electrify their journey with cutting-edge innovation.

  • Embracing Clean Energy with the TVS X Electric

    I am writing this review after experiencing the future of biking with TVS X Electric a splendid companion on my daily commutes. Occupying little space this electric vehicle is a blessing in the urban jungle. Equipped with cutting edge features it offers smooth and efficient performance. The digital instrument cluster, portraying necessary details enhances my whole operating experience. The commendable battery life deserves special mention. A single charge has seen me through many days of travel. What is more the easy maintenance and noiseless operation are what make TVS X Electric a gem.

  • Eco-Friendly and Efficient - My Experience

    "I love being at the helm of my TVS X Electric. The moment that I first laid eyes on this charming electronic bike I knew it was perfect for me. Riding this eco friendly vehicle has been nothing short of a revelation. Silent yet robust it delivers excellent performance while reducing my carbon footprint. With its advanced battery technology charging after long trips is never a worry. I am truly grateful to TVS X Electric for making my commute much smoother and environment friendly. Overall it is a genius bike that delivers pure riding pleasure. "

  • Top-end Electric Scooter for Young

    TVS X Electric is an scooter designed for the young fun-loving generations that provides the user with exciting driving. The electric has a massive high performance motor that speeds upto 105kmph and a durable long range of 140km. It also offers 10-inch TFT console that helps you customize your ride. This is not only comfortable, it is also maneuverable and floats on any road. It is a top-end electric scooter that portrays the vision of TVS regarding the path of mobility in future. For anyone wanting a fun ride that is also eco-friendly.

  • One of the pieces is The Urban Explorer.

    The TVS Raider is an urban suppl, built to cross the congested roads and paths in style. The Raider’s streamlined design, high-performance engine and commuter friendly specification is a fine sample of TVS commitment towards providing a bike which performs ideally in city riding. This bike not only has a contemporary and slick look but this handles nimbly so far as its performance goes it responds immediately. This creativity from TVS has come in the form of Raider, a bike that is fueled by an improved engine and comfortable ergonomics are with metro-aesthetics assuredly overcoming cities whose streets brim on traffic making riders delighted. Motorcycles ridden idly are an all-time association of travelling to work, but riding the TVS Raider is not about piloting through monotonous traffic -this is a guided urban exploration in effervescent city cycling.

  • Redefining Urban Mobility with Intelligence

    The TVS X Electric, therefore, becomes a path-breaker in the revolutionary chain of electric scooters with the beauty of sustainable design and wows motorists with its electrifying performance. Its contemporary design has clean lines, an animated digital screen, and LED amber lighting that puts it in a class of its own as a hip and green citymate. TVS achieves a clean drive with the X Electric that is powered by the highly efficient electric motor, and hence, it ensures a silent, emission-free ride, indicating the country’s firm stance on green mobility.Enhanced smart connectivity, improved battery technology and a confident stance – these and many other unique facilities of the X Electric offer a seamless and innovative experience with comfort. The available scooter is a dynamic handling in looks and is an eco-friendly option for those who are willing to invest in the overall environment and sustainability without compromising on the style statement, while still having to go out daily. TVS X Electric is the icon of the new electric commute era that make riders change their way of getting around cities into greener and cooler lifestyle.

  • TVS X Electric: Green Urban Revolution

    The TVS X Electric initiates a green urban revolution that allows people to enjoy an eco-friendly and futuristic ride in the segment of electric scooters. The X Electric can be described as a symbol of the commitment to providing sustainable and futuristic urban mobility because it is equipped with an electric powertrain, innovative design features The electric motor carries the advantage of being quiet and emission-free, making it a perfect choice for riders who want to protect the environment. TVS has carefully developed the X Electric, which comes with attributes such as a touchscreen display; smart connectivity and lightweight build – making it an efficient electric scooter whilst adding some sort of futuristic elegance to your daily commute. Riding the X electric is not only about eco-friendly mode of transport but a path towards green urban evolution in an increasingly dynamic world of mobility and transportation.

  • Urban Mobility with Eco-Friendly Innovation

    The TVS X Electric notably is at the helm of transforming urban commuting with state-of-the art electric technology. With its forward-looking design characterised by smooth lines, contemporary styling and green merit it leads as package in the realm of eco mobility. Robust electric motor, X-Electric comes with noiseless and zero emissions of CO₂. Hence a carbon footprint reducer in urban settings. It has capacities such as quick-charging capabilities, smart connectivity and nimble performance to make traveling in the city prompt and adaptive. This electric scooter provides a greener alternative, whichever journey lies ahead – be it city jungles or idyllic plains. The TVS X Electric stands as a statement of the company’s committment to eco-friendly innovation, with riders encouraged by such ingenuity towards cleaner and greener mobility in urban settings.

  • Innumerable Customisation TVS X Electric

    In my opinion, the TVS X Electric is a really commendable force. This electric scooter, designed for use in urban areas, has several surprise features that will change the way people travel on motorways. The unique combination of its eco-friendly features and slice bite technology makes it an ideal choice for city dwellers. The combination of an electric motor s practicality with its fashionable design makes for an eye-catching print. Thanks to its exceptional ability to provide a smart commuting experience, the X Electric has solidified its position as a clear favourite. TVS has demonstrated its commitment to environmentally friendly and high-quality transportation by providing a highly effective and technologically advanced vehicle.

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