Here’s How The TVS X Is Different From The Creon Concept

  • Aug 28, 2023
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Can a production scooter actually better its concept form?

TVS recently launched the X electric scooter, its new futuristic electric scooter that’s based on the Creon concept that was unveiled at Auto Expo 2018. But in its journey from a concept to a production-ready scooter, a lot of things have obviously changed. Here’s a quick lowdown on all that’s new on the TVS X, when compared to the Creon:  

Visual Changes

While TVS has done a commendable job with retaining a lot of the scooter’s looks from the concept to its production version, there are a few visual changes between the two. What you’ll see instantly is that the TVS X electric scooter gets protectors for both brake levers along with a split-seat setup instead of the rider-only seat on the Creon. 

Other smaller changes include a slightly narrower, sleeker front apron panel and sharper side panels. The X’s underseat panels have also been designed in a way that it shows off its blue aluminum frame and that does look very cool. 

Different Hearts

Diving further down into both the scooters, they packed different hearts as well: 


TVS X Electric Scooter

TVS Creon Concept


11kW, passive RAM-air-cooled

12kW liquid-cooled motor


140km (Indian Driving Cycle) 



4.5 seconds

5.1 seconds

0-80 percent charging time

3 hours 40 minutes

60 minutes

While the X gets a less powerful motor, it has a significantly better 0-60kmph acceleration and range so it’s definitely a win-win for us. 

That said, the Creon Concept’s rapid charging meant it could be charged to 80 percent in an incredible 60 minutes. The TVS X electric scooter’s standard 950W charger does the same in 3 hours 40 minutes. While it is significantly more than the Creon, in itself it’s not a lot, especially given the X’s 3.8kWh battery pack. With the 3kW fast charger, you can juice up the X from 0-50 percent in one hour.


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But where the X electric scooter thrashes the Creon is with its slew of features. It boasts of a humongous 10.25-inch TFT, something we’ve never seen on a two-wheeler before. And it packs pretty much everything that you can think of. The wallpaper and order of icons, everything can be customised and it packs navigation, Smart Xhield (Alerts for crashes, overspeeding, theft alert, geofencing, etc), wellness, even gaming, live video streaming, cruise control and a whole lot more! But if you want a detailed list of the same, stay tuned to ZigWheels for we’ll be bringing out a story with a list of all the features that the X has. 

The Creon too packed a TFT but it was obviously a whole lot smaller than the X’s tablet of a console. While TVS didn’t give a lot of details about the Creon’s console, it did show vehicle speed, motor rpm, tripmeter, battery charge and battery health status. It was also developed in partnership with Intel. 

All in all, of the two, TVS managed to make the X electric scooter look as close as the concept, while offering it with enough bits to make it a practical product. Yes, at Rs 2,49,990 (ex-showroom), the scooter is India’s costliest electric scooter but it is meant to be a halo EV that’s meant for the niche market, especially for enthusiasts who are looking for an extremely well-engineered e-scooter that looks like nothing else in the market. So we’re quite excited to lay our hands on it and see how the X is in the real world.

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